Are you looking for boy names with X? The truth is that they are not very frequent, but in this article we have compiled a good amount.

Haven’t you chosen a name for your baby yet? We are almost finishing the alphabet. Now we are going for the names of children with the letter X !

You can find an extensive list with the rest of the letters in previous articles of this same blog. You’ll also find classic boy names , original boy names , compound names, or biblical names , among other ideas.

But if what you are looking for are boy names with X, this article is for you. Below you will find a wide variety, so you can choose even though they are not very common (less than 1 in 100 names start with the letter X). Many are of Galician, Chinese, Mayan or Nahuatl origin.


1. Xabat . Of Basque origin. It means “savior”.

2. Xacin . Of Mayan origin. It means “streaked corn”.

3. Xacinthus . Galician name for Hyacinth, from the Greek and which refers to the flower of the same name.

4. Jacob . Of Galician origin, it is the equivalent of Jacobo . Coming from the Hebrew, it means “one who is a follower of Christ”.

5. Xaime . Jaime, in Galician. This is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin. It comes from Jacme , which means “God will reward.”

6. Xalbador . It is Salvador in Basque. He comes from Latin and refers to Jesus Christ as “savior of humanity”. Variant: Xalbat.

7. Xalo . One of many boy names with X of Galician origin that exist. This is what a mountain in A Coruña is called.

8. Xaman Ek . Of Mayan origin. It means “God of the North Star”.

9. Xandru . It is the name that Alejandro receives in Asturian. It means “Defender of Man”.

10. Xanti . It is the Basque variant of Santiago, which means “the one who dominates God”.

11. Xanthus . Of Greek origin. It means “blond” or “golden hair”. Variant: Xanthus.

12. Xaquín . It is Joaquín in Galician. He comes from the Hebrew  Yehoakim , which means “the Lord will judge”.

13. Xarles . It’s Carlos in Basque. It means “strong, virile”.

14.Xavier . Of Catalan origin. It means “new house”. Variant: Xabier (Basque origin).

15. Xel-ha . Of Mexican origin. It means “where the waters are born”.

16. Xen . Of Chinese origin. It means “authentic”.

17. Xenarus . Of Galician origin, it means the same as Jenaro, “consecrated to the god Janus” (Roman god of peace).

18. Xerous . Of Latin origin, it is the Galician variant of Generoso. It means “noble, of good family”.

19. Xenos . Of Greek origin. It means “foreigner, guest”. Variants: Zenos, Xeno.

20. Xens . Of Persian origin. It means “prince”.

21. Xeno . Of Greek origin. It means “the protector of the family”.

22. Xicotencatl . It is one of the names of children with X of Nahuatl origin that are still used today, especially in Mexico. It means “the one that comes from the shore where the bumblebees are”.

23. Xylon . Of Greek origin. It means “forest”.

24. Xilonen . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “tender corn”.

25. Xinantecatl . Of Nahuatl origin, it refers to an ancient Mexican volcano, whose name came from the Matlatzinco word Tzinantécalelly and the Nahuatl Xinantécatl . In both cases it means the same: “naked man”.

26. Xing . Of Chinese origin. It means “at the top”.

27. Xiong . Of Chinese origin, like many of the names of boys with X that exist. It means “bear”.

28. Xipe Totec . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “our Lord”.

29. Xipilli . Of Nahuatl origin. It means prince.”

30. Xoan . Galician variant of Juan, “Yavé is good”. Variant: Xana.

31. Xochimilco . Of Nahuatl origin. It is a toponym that derives from the  words xōchi(tl) , which means “flower”, mīl(li) , “cultivated field” and -co (locative). It means “field of flowers”.

32. Xochipilli . Of Aztec origin. It means “prince of flowers”.

33. Xochtiel . Also of Nahuatl origin, it means “flower”.

34. Xocoyotzin . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “youngest son”.

35. Xoël . Of Latin origin. It means “he is God”. Variants: Joel, Soel.

36. Xolotl . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “fire”.

37. Xquenda . Of Zapotec origin. It means “splendour”.

38. Xun . Of Chinese origin. It means “quick”.

39. Xurxo . It is the Galician variant of Jorge, “the one who works the land”. Variant: Xorxe.

40. Fair . Of Latin origin, it means “straight”.