Many parents do not play with their children more than 2 hours a week. This is something real, in fact, 70% of parents do not play with their children during the week more than the time commented. This has been shown by a study of the Famosa toy brand.

Parents need to start thinking about this. When they least expect it, their children will no longer be children and their childhood will be gone. It is necessary for them to play with their children because it is fundamental for their development and their self-esteem. As time passes, if parents focus more on responsibilities than on their little ones and their development… after a few years, they will undoubtedly regret not doing so. But time doesn’t turn back.

Why do parents not play with their children?

Parents know that this is important, but afterwards there are very few who actually play with their children. The reality is that many want to play with them and feel bad for not doing it whenever they want… but they have many responsibilities that they feel prevent them from doing so and that generates a feeling of guilt that is sometimes difficult to manage.

They know that it is important to play with their little ones and that it is invaluable. They are also aware that spending quality time with the family is also necessary… but it seems difficult to put down the smartphones, not be connected to work or stop doing tasks that could wait.

Think about your priorities: make a list

In most cases it is usually a problem of priorities. It is necessary that as parents, we make an effort and a work of internal reflection. Think about the 6 priorities you have in your life right now, do it in order of importance. Once you have done it (I advise you to write them down), then think about the time you spent yesterday on each of those priorities. Then, rewrite the list, putting the priority you spent the most time on yesterday first.

The list has probably changed a bit, do you know why? Because in your mind you know what is more important and then, in everyday life, you don’t spend as much time on it as you should (according to its importance). It’s normal that we get carried away by the urgent, so it can’t wait: children’s homework, extracurricular activities, making lunches and dinners, talking to that important client, cleaning at home… and when we get to the end of the day we are so exhausted , that we leave the screens to the children because really, we can’t take it anymore.

The plant is planted from small

We make the mistake of wanting to have a beautiful forest without even being able to plant a seed. Children are like plants, you have to plant them, give them away every day and give them unconditional love in care so that they grow healthy and strong (both inside and out).

If this is not taken into account, over time parents wonder why their children do not realize their efforts, why they are not able to take responsibility, why they have such a low tolerance for frustration, why they do not enjoy and they are grateful… there are so many questions that parents ask themselves just because they don’t have well thought out priorities…

Children need time and dedication, just like someone who wants to plant a forest or have a nice garden. Your children need you every day, they need to feel safe by your side, to know that if they need you you will be there… and not just to scold them or tell them what they are doing wrong. They need to feel valued by you.

You can’t expect your children to grow up and be good people when you don’t worry about spending quality time with them, no matter how little, or you don’t give importance to emotional education.

What can you do to be present in the lives of your children?

If you have read this far, you have probably begun to reflect on what you can do to improve the situation in which you are at home. Perhaps you have realized that you could make a little effort to make spending quality time with your children one of your priorities each day. That even if you are tired you can make an effort and thus be able to plant a beautiful flower.

It’s easy, you just have to be. But be real. Do not be in a room while you look at your mobile and if your children talk to you, ignore them. You must prioritize quality time and not just quantity of time.

It is better to spend 30 quality minutes with your children every day than to spend 4 hours by their side full of yelling, anger, punishment or bad manners. You are the best gift for your children, because it is your time that will fill their hearts with joy. You don’t have to be perfect, nor do you pretend to be. But it is important that you accept life, manage it as best you can and that your children are always among your priorities. If you have a bad day, the next day start over and try to do things better.

Be able to create magical moments for yourself, for your children and for the family in general. That when their memories grow they are full of unconditional love, discipline and knowing how to be. That the shouts, the punishments, the tears or the bad manners do not fill their memories, because if they do, it could have serious consequences in their personal development.