Don't Make These 7 Diapering Mistakes!

When you are a father or mother you realize that changing a diaper is the easiest thing in the world… but before doing it a few times it seems like a challenge. Also, if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, it doesn’t just seem like a challenge, it can be really difficult for an inexperienced parent!

That’s why today we want to give you a list of common mistakes that new parents make when diapering their babies. With this information it should no longer be a problem for you to change diapers. Although remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t give up because the first few times turned out to be a bit of a mess! As soon as you’ve changed a few diapers, you’ll see it really easy.

Mistakes made when changing diapers

Don’t worry because nobody is born knowing, and for that, when you are a father or mother you have to learn many new things. Changing diapers is one of them. Until you have the necessary practice to do things right, you can sometimes make mistakes… We are going to list some common mistakes so that they do not happen to you.

1. Not preparing things

You can’t start changing a diaper without having everything you need at hand. First of all, because you cannot leave the baby alone on a surface since she could hurt herself. Second, because it’s uncomfortable for you. So, when you have to change a diaper, before you start taking it off your little one, have everything ready at hand.

What do you need? A clean diaper, wet wipes or a sponge with lukewarm water, cream for the diaper area (if it’s a water-based paste, much better) and that’s it. This will have more than enough to change his diaper.

2. Tightening the diaper too much or leaving it too loose

If you tighten the diaper too much you could hurt it and if you tighten it too little it could cause pee or poop to come out of the diaper. If you realize when you remove the diaper that it has redness or a mark on the skin, it is because you have tightened it too much. Ideally, when you squeeze the diaper you can put two fingers between the tummy and the diaper. It should look comfortable on you without being constricting in your small waist.

3. Not cleaning him correctly

When you are changing a diaper it is essential that you clean his bum and his intimate parts correctly. Whether it’s a boy or a girl. You have to make sure that it stays very clean, without any type of dirt particle. It is best to clean it from front to back and never the other way around to prevent feces from coming into contact with the genital area as this could cause painful infections.

baby diaper errors

4. Taking too long

To change a diaper you have to be quick, especially when the baby begins to grow and move more. Urine can leak and stain everything or make the little one feel nervous. But in addition to this, you must be quick to change the diaper from the moment the baby has soiled it. If the baby has pooped and you take a long time to change him, then his skin could become irritated, causing painful dermatitis or even infections.

5. Not having a change of clothes on you

It is important that you always have a change of clothes on hand in case there are leaks in the diaper. Whether it’s pee or poop, if your baby has leaked, you need to change his clothes and keep him clean from the beginning.

6. Put too much or too little cream

You have to put the necessary cream in the diaper area, not too much and not too little. If you don’t add enough, the cream won’t be able to do its job, and if you add too much, it can be really upsetting for your baby. So use your logic and use enough cream.

7. Make the moment awkward

Children need to be calm to feel safe, and the same goes for your baby whose diaper you need to change. Every change, he tries to keep him calm and as comfortable as possible. Do not force or force him, it is better that if he resists you sing him a song or do it as a fun game for him. So later, they will not put up resistance because they will associate the diaper change with a pleasant moment.