The loss of the first milk tooth is a moment that both children and their parents look forward to. This is an important milestone in their development as it is undeniable evidence that children are growing and getting older. Perhaps that is why many parents want to add a magical touch to this experience so that children not only look forward to this moment, but also keep a beautiful memory. To do this, some resort to the tradition of the tooth fairy.

Based on the children’s story ” El Ratoncito Pérez “, legend has it that when children lose their first milk tooth and place it under the pillow at bedtime, the Pérez mouse comes that night to take the tooth and in exchange, he leaves them a coin or a nice gift. Undoubtedly, it is a charming story that parents can make even more special by placing a door of the tooth fairy in the room of the smallest of the house.

What are the doors of the tooth fairy?

According to tradition, in each children’s room there is a magic door through which the tooth fairy comes to look for the fallen tooth and leaves a gift or a coin for the little ones in the house. These doors are placed in the wall and lead to a fantasy world where the Tooth Fairy comes to life. Their origin is unknown, but it is believed that they arose from the idea of ​​an American who decided to place doors for the fairies in the rooms of his daughters. The idea quickly caught on among his friends and neighbors, who joined the trend.

In Spain, probably the first doors for the tooth fairy came from the hand of Oui Oui, although today it is possible to find them in many other artisan shops, craft shops and, of course, on Amazon. Basically, it’s a dollhouse-like door that sticks to the wall , and in many cases includes a background design so kids can open and close the door while they wait for the tooth fairy. There are designs of all colors and shapes, some even include very cool accessories such as doormats, letter boxes or a basket to store the little tooth.

7 doors of the tooth fairy perfect for children

In the Infant Stage we want children to experience the loss of their first milk tooth in a special way, that is why we have made a list with some very cool doors of the tooth fairy. From simple designs to very realistic models, there are options for all tastes and pockets.

1. Pink tooth fairy door from La Puerta Mágica

The little ones who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the tooth fairy will be very excited to have this door to that fantasy world near their bed. It is a pink door with mailbox, handle and knocker details that give it a very realistic look. The kit also includes some accessories to complete the design such as a ladder, a doormat, a small key, an adhesive drawing for the bottom of the door and a plate with a piece of cheese. And, to motivate the children, it includes a congratulations postcard and a card where they can write down the dates on which their teeth fall out.

2. Door of the tooth fairy of 7gansos Taller

If you are looking for a tooth fairy door to turn the loss of the teeth of the little ones at home into a special moment, this handmade door from 7gansos Taller is perfect. Made manually and with great care, it leaves no detail to chance as it includes a fence with a wooden trunk to leave the tooth, a ladder and a bicycle to complete the design. The door, also hand-painted, includes hinges so that children can open and close it easily and, so that they can imagine what the world of the tooth fairy is like, it comes with a background stickerto paste on the wall. In addition, it includes a letter behind the door in which the tooth fairy congratulates the children and offers them some advice on taking care of their teeth.

3. Tooth Fairy Door by Despropositoys

An original way to welcome the tooth fairy is with this door from the Despropositoys label. Designed by children, it is 3D printed and assembled entirely by hand using environmentally friendly materials, made from vegetable starches, but with the same resistance as plastic. The door is accompanied by a golden coin to prevent children from being in contact with money, a ladder to facilitate access to the little mouse, a cloth bag and a box where children can leave their little tooth. Of course, the door does not open, it includes a double-sided adhesive to fix it to the wall, so that only the tooth fairy will be able to enter and exit from the other side of the wall.

4. Door of the blue tooth fairy from La Puerta Mágica

The smallest of the house will surely be very excited to sit and wait for the arrival of the tooth fairy next to this beautiful door. It is a blue design that includes very cool details such as a handle, a mailbox and a knocker that give it a very realistic touch. However, what makes it a winning bet for little ones are the many accessories included in the set: a ladder so that the tooth fairy can get in and out easily, a mat to welcome him, a small key to open or close the door and a plate with cheesefor a bite to eat before embarking on the return journey. And, so that when they open the door, the little ones can imagine what the world of the tooth fairy is like, it includes a background sticker. In addition, the set comes with a greeting postcard and a card for children to write down the date their teeth fall out.

5. Abubu’s Tooth Fairy Door

This rustic-style door is perfect for children waiting for a visit from the tooth fairy. It is a wooden design, in which both the cut and the details such as the engravings and the painting have been done by hand to add an artisan touch. The result? A very cool wooden door that includes a wooden ladder and a cloth bag where children can store their little tooth. The set also includes a letter in the handwriting of the tooth fairy in which he tells them that he looks forward to visiting them very soon. Of course, unlike other models, it is a fixed door that is placed on the wall with an adhesive, so that only the tooth fairy can open it.

6. Door of the tooth fairy by Mabeca Creations

Through this beautiful door, the little mouse Pérez will be able to enter to pick up the little tooth of the smallest of the house. In fact, it includes a ladder so that it can get in and out without problems, as well as a cloth bag where children can deposit the tooth so that the little mouse can find it easily. Painted in pink, it has very cool details such as a lock with a mouse head and a plate with the name of the tooth fairy. In addition, it includes certificates where the little mouse can write down the state of the tooth that it has collected, so that the children will be able to know if they are maintaining good dental hygiene or if they need to redouble their efforts. It is worth noting that the door does not open,It includes an adhesive to fix it to the wall.

7. Door of the little mouse Pérez de Fatima

If you are looking for a door so that the tooth fairy can take the first tooth that the smallest of the house loses, this model made by hand is a good choice. Made of plywood, it includes the name of Pérez the mouse on the door and a cotton cloth bag where children can keep their tooth safely until the mouse goes to look for it. Also, bring a small coin so you can barter without any problem. It is worth noting that the door does not open, to place it includes a double-sided adhesive.