There are many children whose milk teeth are falling out during confinement and they worry because they don’t know if the Tooth Fairy will be able to pick them up. But we have good news for all of them, during the quarantine the Little Mouse will be able to go to the houses to collect the children’s milk teeth!

Of course, it will only collect milk teeth that are well cleaned and cared for. The little mouse has a special permit that the authorities have granted him so that he can go without being stopped by the police or any state security body… that is, without being fined for not being at home like everyone else! others!

You will be able to see the Tooth Fairy

Best of all, the only thing they have asked the little mouse is that he has to leave a record of each visit he do to know that he is doing his duty. This is important because no one can break the confinement in our homes, and of course neither can he!

Although of course, his work It is essential and it is necessary for you to leave the house whenever necessary to collect the children’s teeth and leave them the corresponding coins. So, if you lose a tooth, the little mouse will record that he has been to your house that night.

But, how is it possible to see him if he is so fast and elusive ? Virtual reality technology is on your side in this case! Thanks to the initiative of New Horizons VR (producer from Madrid specializing in virtual reality) it has been possible.

What it consists of (WARNING: SPOILER)

It consists of a video made with this technology in which you can see the Tooth Fairy in the child’s bed and leaving his memory in the form of a gift, usually coins. The character of the Tooth Fairy has been recreated in 3D to make it as real as possible, keeping in mind the stories where the famous character appears.

YouTube video

This is a personalized video for the little one who loses a tooth and has to go the little mouse To do this, parents only have to send a photograph of the dented child to Then they will have to send another photo of the child sleeping through the website to then receive a link where they can download the video and the Tooth Fairy will appear in the child’s bed.

But now, during the quarantine period, and due to the large number of requests they receive every day, they will only give this service to those who send a photo of the dented child in which the excitement page is seen. com/saludos and send it to the email Then you will receive a code so that the video comes out for free and you can download it.

On the website you can also find a letter and an envelope to download for free and print where children can request the services of the little mouse. This initiative is having great success since they are receiving requests both nationally and from other parts of the Spanish-speaking world. Due to the large volume of requests they are receiving, this service is only available to children who really show that they have lost their tooth.

The illusion of the Tooth Fairy will not be lost because the children will have proof that this magical being has gone to their beds to pick up their tooth while they slept. It’s a wonderful gift that little ones will enjoy and love to see.