If you watch this film as a family, it will not leave any of you indifferent since it has a fantastic message of female empowerment. It’s available on Netflix and if you don’t know what to watch on your children’s vacation, surely this is a wonderful option to sit down together with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a good movie.

Who is Enola Holmes

Enola is the younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft (Holmes). This character did not exist in the early Sherlock Holmes novels and was created more than a century later. Enola is the youngest of the three siblings and she did not receive a conventional education.

When she meets her brothers again they think she is hopeless, but in reality there is something special about her, because she is a young woman who has a great talent for deduction despite having received no education or training (the story takes place in the time Victorian).

The movie ‘Enola Holmes’

The film begins on the morning of Enola’s 16th birthday and she discovers that her mother is missing. She has left him a gift but nothing more. As she is worried she calls her brothers, since Sherlock is the best detective in the world and she is sure that they will be able to help him and find her mother.

When the brothers arrive, they begin to question Enola’s upbringing from her mother. The eldest of the three brothers, Mycroft becomes her tutor and decides that she has to be sent to boarding school to learn how to be a young lady.

Enola finds an encrypted message from her mother and refuses to go to boarding school…she flees to the big city of London to look for her on her own and understand everything that is happening.

Along the way he meets the young Marquess of Basilwether. Her plans change and without realizing it, the detective that she carries within her comes out, since with the appearance of this boy comes a mystery that she will have to solve.

During the film, Enola faces various obstacles that will force her to use her intelligence while hiding from her brothers because she doesn’t want to end up in a boarding school and feels that they don’t understand her.

Little by little, during the story, abilities and skills that he learned at home, thanks to his mother, are shown. And it is that this one did prepare her to be a great detective and defend herself in the real world.

Why is it for the whole family?

The film is fun and very entertaining, it is short and will entertain the whole family. The characters are very well done and the most human part of each of them is shown.

In addition, the character of Enola speaks directly to the audience, something that makes it a very original film. It has a very positive message about female empowerment. So much so, that in social networks, Enola Holmes is considered a great feminist heroine and a great role model for girls and adolescents.

After all this, we can say that this movie is family friendly and ideal for watching teenagers and adults. For young children it is not suitable because they would not understand the vast majority of the story. He also has a rating of +13.

But if you have teenagers at home, don’t hesitate to watch this movie all together and enjoy. In addition, after seeing it you can comment among all what you think, the opinion you have about the character of Enola, etc. You will be able to connect with your children and their thoughts! You will enjoy having a great moment of dialogue!