At last you have it. It cost you a lot but you did it. You have chosen the name of your baby and you are very happy about it. What you did not expect is that when you started sharing it with your family and loved ones, you were going to receive criticism. No, you weren’t expecting it and you feel those words like a dagger in your heart. You didn’t want applause or pats on the back, but you did at least want acceptance and respect for the name you’ve chosen for your son.

Perhaps, before you got pregnant, you made the same mistake of criticizing the baby’s name that other parents chose with all their love, without thinking about the damage that could be caused. But now you know that words have to be measured a lot, because something that is shared with enthusiasm, when criticized, can hurt a lot on an emotional level.

Choose the name of the baby with all the illusion

When choosing the name of the baby , it is done after much thought since it is not something that should be done lightly. You spent hours thinking about different options until finally, you found the one that would fit perfectly with your baby. It has musicality, you like to pronounce it and you have already imagined calling your baby by that beautiful name.

Although it is true that there are names that can be rude, or that in some parts of the world are prohibited (because they can threaten the culture or the future emotional well-being of the person who receives that name), there are few cases.

In your case, it is likely that you have chosen the most beautiful name for your baby, and that is why, after so much thinking, you are excited to share it with everyone. Deep down you know that what others tell you has to matter to you, because she is your baby and you are the one who decides the name and nobody else. No matter how much they judge or criticize you. Whoever loves you and knows you, if he really respects you, will accept your decision. They can give their opinion, of course, but never criticize you.

When you don’t like diminutives

In this society there are people who give their son or daughter a desired name and then, when they begin to socialize, diminutives are used to refer to the boy or girl. There are parents who don’t care, but others can feel really bad.

If you do not want people to call your child with a diminutive even though it is popular (such as Francisco, Paco), it is better that since your child is a baby you make it clear to family and friends as well as other people who are around your child. Make it clear that they should not use diminutives to refer to him or her because her name is the one you gave her at birth and not the diminutive.

If they tell you a baby name, respect

If you are not the person who is expecting the baby but you are the one who receives the news of that pregnant woman or that excited father, even if you do not like the name, do not criticize and much less judge. You can always give your opinion from assertiveness and respect, but in no case end with the illusion that these parents have in that important moment that they are sharing with you.

Don’t say the name if you don’t want to!

An idea to avoid negative comments about your baby’s name is to invent funny names or say other names. Let others think what they want, it will be the same to you. When your baby is born, you will give it the name you want and you will have saved yourself comments or opinions that, in reality, neither come nor go.