We tell you about the benefits of practicing exercises with an elastic band, an ideal complement to keep you in shape.

The  exercises with elastic band  are ideal in trainings that are carried out with the own weight of the body. Thanks to their diverse functionality, they serve to improve strength , control, balance, agility, and finally, to tone the body.

Over the years, this accessory has gained popularity, becoming common in different practices, such as gymnastics, where it is used above all by beginners. This is because it helps to acquire control, stability and balance.


There are different types of elastic band exercises, and therefore different types of elastic bands, depending on the goal. However, the fact of working with this object means that you will work with your own body weight.

Its benefits are so many that its use is recommended at the beginning of any practice, at least in training.

1. Multifunctionality

The elastic band is not only used for a specific training or exercise, but there are several exercises that can be performed with it.

In addition, it does not develop a single function, nor does it work a single muscle, everything will depend on each exercise. Sometimes exercises with an elastic band lead to more positive results than those carried out with weights.

2. Increased resistance

Workouts that include an elastic band significantly increase people’s resistance during physical activities.

The resistance of the muscles is produced by performing many repetitions, as the exercises focus on body weight and the additional strength of the resistance of each band.

 3. Can be used anywhere

Apart from the fact that the cost of the elastic band is not high, it can be used both indoors (at home or in the gym) and outdoors (yards or parks). Therefore, depending on the type of elastic band exercises you are going to do, you can even do them at home. This is one of the factors that has made them so popular!

4. Prevents injuries

It is very difficult to get injured when doing exercises with elastic band. On the other hand, it is ideal for warming up and prevents subsequent injuries.

5. Greater balance

It is common for people who start to do toning or bodybuilding exercises to find it difficult to maintain their balance when lifting weights. The problem with this is the lack of practice and the weight, on the other hand, with the elastic bands it becomes easier. The more repetitions, the greater tension control and better balance.



It is about performing the squats of a lifetime but stepping on the elastic band in the middle and taking the ends with each of the hands. The elbows should not be bent, and the arms should be straight at all times, as if they were an extension of the band.

lateral raises

This exercise is responsible for working the shoulders . To do this, we place the feet aligned with the hips, stepping on the elastic band in the middle. We grab the ends of the band with each hand and, with the palms of our hands facing the ground, raise our arms to shoulder height and lower again.


Sitting down, with our legs stretched out, we place the elastic band on our feet and grab it with our hands, maintaining a slight tension that will help us keep the sword upright. From this position, we bring our elbows back, as if we were rowing. We inhale when we pull the rubber towards the body and exhale while stretching our arms.