Fast birds and hunters

Falcons are medium-sized birds of prey (that hunt their prey) that are distributed throughout the world, especially in the north temperate regions of the planet. They are well known for their incredible flying and hunting skills.

More than 40 species of falcons of different sizes are known, between 25 to 60 cm in height. The most relevant feature is its pointed wings that allow the bird to change direction very quickly. The peregrine falcon is the most common around the world and is present on all continents except Antarctica.

Fun facts

  • The falcon is considered the fastest creature on the planet. Falcons are known to have reached speeds of up to 360 km/h in a dive and 96 km/h in horizontal flight.
  • They are expert and ruthless hunters. From the sky they spot their prey thanks to their incredible eyesight and mercilessly launch themselves through the air to capture them.
  • They hunt all kinds of smaller animals, for example: frogs, mice, fish and birds.
  • They often kill their prey immediately, just by hitting it at high speed.
  • Due to its size, speed and constant state of alert; falcons have few natural predators. On the ground they are threatened by humans and wolves, while in the air their enemies are eagles and owls.
  • They are solitary birds that only seek company when they mate. There are species that are migratory and can travel more than 24,000 km (15,000 miles) each year.
  • Falcons are used in falconry, an activity that involves hunting in the company of trained birds of prey. They also use them at airports to control wildlife and secure spaces that allow aircraft traffic.