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It shows Amicable, Homeliness, and Over-Sensitive (when short of self-confidence). It is not a particularly strong letter on the physical plane and can be influenced easily by others.

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40 Attractive African Boy Names Starting With B



Babafemi Nigerian for ‘my father loves me’.
Babafemi My father loves me
Badru Born between full moons
Badru Born between full moons
Bahemuka resembles father
Baingana people are equal
Bakari promise
Bakari Of noble promise
Balikuraira time to mature mentally
Baraka blessing, fortune
Baruti Teacher
Bashiri can foretell the future
Bategeka people who plan well
Batte clan totem is an elephant
Bello Assistant.
Bem Nigerian word for ‘peace’.
Bem Peace
Benaim son of the right hand
Beno one of a band
Berhan light, illumination
Berihun let him be our guide
Betserai Zimbabwean name meaning ‘help’.
Bobo Ghanian name given to a child born on Tuesday.
Bobo born on Tuesday
Bobo Born on Tuesday
Bodua Ghanian name that means ‘animal tail’.
Bodua an animal’s tail
Bolade honor will come
Bomani Malawian name meaning ‘strong soldier’.
Bomani warrior
Bomani Warrior
Bornani Malawian name meaning ‘warrior’.
Boseda Nigerian name given to a child born on Sunday.
Boseda Born on Sunday
Bour Rock.
Bron Origin.
Bwana Mkubwa great master
Bwire born at night
Byarugaba God’s own
Byembandwa God’s own