We tell you what is the best position to sleep during pregnancy and we give you some tips that will help you fall asleep.

The gestation period is a stage in which the body undergoes major changes, which will modify some aspects of your life, such as: the way you eat, move, think, relate, and even the way to rest In this sense, it will be useful for you to know what is the  best position to sleep during pregnancy .

We know that you can spend a large part of the night looking for the best position to be able to rest comfortably and correctly, and this is usually not pleasant at all!


The final stretch of pregnancy, that is, the last weeks, can be very uncomfortable and tiring, since the body carries the load of a baby weighing 2 to 3 kilos, plus the uterus, the placenta, the liquids…

Thus, most pregnant people suffer from sleep disorders in the third trimester of pregnancy . These disorders range from insomnia and difficulty finding a good position, to the total inability to get a good rest. For this reason, it is important to know what is the best position to sleep during pregnancy.

If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you should know that it is not doing you any good, so you should give up the habit. The same thing happens if you sleep on your back, a more comfortable position but it is not beneficial. This is because the back, the organs and the arteries have to support a great weight coming from the uterus. The pressure that the (already grown) belly exerts can lead to some problems, such as sciatic nerve, bladder pressure, poor blood flow and back pain .

At this point, you may be wondering…so what is the best sleeping position during pregnancy? One of the positions that specialists recommend the most is to rest on one of the sides, mainly on the left side. Some of the reasons why this posture is beneficial are:

  • The liver is on the right side of the abdomen, so sleeping on the left side prevents the uterus from resting on this organ.
  • The large blood vessels (venous), which are responsible for carrying blood from the extremities to the heart and are located on the right side of the spine, will be less compressed. This will prevent the appearance of edema .
  • It favors the arrival of blood to the placenta, so that more oxygen and nutrients reach the baby.
  • Helps reduce swelling in the feet.
  • You can breathe better, since the lungs are not compressed.
  • The kidney removes fluid and waste more easily.

In this position, left lateral decubitus, it will also be beneficial to put a pillow or a cushion between the legs (somewhat flexed). In this way, you avoid exerting force on the hips and spine.


Now you know what is the best position to sleep during pregnancy! You can accompany it with the following tips, and little by little, you will achieve a most comforting rest.

  • Set a time for sleeping. It will be positive that you try to regulate your sleeping and waking schedule, for this it is good to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.
  • Make your room the most conducive place to sleep: keep it cool, without light and without noise.
  • Establish a daily routine that you must follow every night before going to sleep. This should be dedicated to relaxing for half an hour before bed, so some of the activities you can include are taking a bath or reading.

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