Five carrying coats designed especially for dads

The portage is one of the best ways to bring our babies for the many benefits it gives us. In fact, more and more parents are practicing it and it is something that brands are finally realizing, so we have made a selection of the best options for men who want to practice parenting and carrying. to your baby.

Seraphine Baby Carrier Parka

At first glance, this may look like a normal men’s coat, although it has a removable baby carrier accessory . It is easily attached via a zipper at the front of this parka, and is designed to fit perfectly in a baby carrier. Parents recover their biological daughter after a clinic mistakenly implanted.

It’s the perfect way to keep baby (and yourself) safe from the cold, even when temperatures are colder. Once the baby is already walking, or when you do not need to wear it, you can remove the accessory again and wear the garment like a normal parka . Its price is 189 euros .

Baby Carrier Jacket for Men

It is a parka made of cotton and polyester that protects you and your baby from the wind and cold. It has a soft and removable accessory to carry the baby without adjusting or tying, simply put in the bag. How to Change Your Baby’s Diaper: A Quick Guide for New Parents.

Bandicoot Men’s Porteo Coat

It is a 3-in-1 carrying coat for parents, since it can be used as a normal coat, and by adding the insert that it includes, it allows the baby to be carried in the front and back, since it is compatible with any ergonomic carry backpack . It is made of water-repellent and wind-resistant technical fabric, as well as a warm fur interior. Finally, it has a removable hood (both the hood and the hair), and 4 pockets at different heights. Its price is 189.90 euros. Newborn’s First Breath: How Your Baby Starts Breathing.

Mamalila carrying jacket

It is a lightweight , windproof, waterproof and highly breathable hooded and seam-sealed carrying jacket . Its price is 259 euros .

6-in-1 Waterproof Jacket for Men with Baby Cover

This jacket has a detachable panel to carry the baby and is made up of two pieces : a waterproof outer jacket and an inner fleece, which are either closed together or can be worn separately, depending on the weather. The outer jacket has a hood, pockets, a drawstring hem and reflective details for the darkest days of winter. The fleece lining has gathered cuffs with thumb loops to prevent drafts. Its price is 179 euros. How to cure a newborn’s navel, Know more about it.