Long ago, the giants lived among the lonely mountains of Alsace. On top of the highest mountain, there was a castle called Burg Niedeck and it was there that the mightiest of the giants lived with his wife and daughter named Frida.

Frida, who was as tall as a church steeple, roamed the mountains freely, but she knew never to go near the valley where the little people lived.

These people were peasants who tilled the land and planted corn, wheat, and barley. They also pruned their vines and dug ditches, things that the giants could not do. For this reason, the giants took part of what the little people harvested. And they did it secretly, without leaving a trace, because according to the spell, the day a peasant reached Burg Niedeck would be the end of all giants. However, Burg Niedeck was very difficult to reach and no peasant had thought to go there.

One day, Frida was playing outside the castle under the scorching heat of the sun. But the green valley looked so cool and shady that the girl couldn’t resist and decided to go down the mountainside until she reached the forbidden valley.

After a short time, he came across a farmer plowing the land.

With a cry of joy, Frida knelt down.

“What a lovely little toy!” -He said-. I’ll take it home to play.

Spreading his handkerchief on the ground, he carefully picked up the poor peasant and placed him in the center. Then, he took the handkerchief from the four corners and ran up the mountainside jumping and running happily. His footfalls were as strong as the arrival of an earthquake.

At the gate of the palace he met his father.

“Hello, little one,” said the giant. What do you have in that handkerchief?

-Look! Frida replied. I have found a wonderful toy.

The giant frowned, and shook his head.

“What have you done?” he said angrily. This is not a toy. Don’t you know that the day a peasant reached Burg Niedeck would be the end of all giants? Take him to the valley right away, maybe the spell won’t be broken.

Frida picked up the peasant again and took him to the field, but it was too late. That same night all the giants disappeared. In the morning, Burg Niedeck was left in ruins. And to this day, no giants are known to exist.