fun activities for 2 year olds

When children are 2 years old, it is a wonderful age. They begin to understand the world more and better, although they still do not know how to express themselves correctly. They may start the tantrum stage, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time… Those tantrums just show you that they’re creating their own personality, it’s amazing!

From the age of 2, your child will have great intellectual, physical, social and emotional changes. This will help him to give sense to the world. The stage from 2 to 3 years is very important because language begins to develop by leaps and bounds.

The child realizes that he is an independent being and his goal is to explore the world . As parents, you can carry out key activities for their development, activities that will become learning practices. Activities at this age should have a lot of language, interaction and imaginative games.

Activities for your 2-year-old son

Perhaps you think that being so small you cannot do activities for them, so that they have fun and have a good time or that you spend it with your family (because they do not have enough attention) . In reality, there are countless activities that you can do together so that your 2-year-old son has fun with you and thus strengthens the emotional bond that unites you. We give you some wonderful ideas!

Dress up

Get out old clothes and let your child play dress up. You can participate to make it more fun. Then you can recreate scenes that make you have a good time. With this activity your child will learn new skills such as: creativity, imagination, language and social development.

Hide toys!

A very fun activity for 2-year-olds inside the home: hide a toy somewhere in the house and ask your child to find it. You can search for it with him, using cues like “warmer” and “coldest” to guide him. You can also use flashlights to search or hide several objects at the same time. With this activity your child will learn different skills such as: listening comprehension, problem solving, social and memory skills.

Imagine a ship

After your child has sat on a towel or blanket, imagine that the towel is a magical ship that moves around the room and visits different places like the zoo or the park! This activity will work on some activities such as: balance and symbolic play.

2-year-old son activities

Draw your body!

Have your child lie down on a large piece of paper and draw the outline of their body. It is normal for your son to want to move, but he can learn self-control because he will have to stay still for him to do well. Then you will have to show him where the eyes, the nose, the mouth go… and if he later wants to paint it much better! Let him have fun with this, you don’t want to make it more complicated.

In this activity, if your child doesn’t want to lie down or stay still, don’t worry, you can do it but tracing only his hands or his feet and then coloring them. With this activity you will learn different skills such as: sense of self-control and identification of body parts and language skills.

We are statues when the music stops

This game is fun and you will learn self-control, active listening and language skills. As long as the music is playing your child can dance all they want, but when the music stops they have to stand still as they want! a statue! He must stand still as a statue the entire time the music is paused… and dance when it starts again!

Let’s talk!

Give your child and encourages her to hold, talk to, dress, and care for her. Speak to the doll as if it were a child and encourage your child to do the same. In addition to language skills, this activity for 2-year-olds also encourages imagination and creativity! As if that were not enough, you will learn other skills such as: social, language and fine motor skills.