horror stories for kids

Zacarías Franco was a lanky, bony man with strange customs. Every day he went to bed at exactly 8:57 p.m., drank only milk and, despite not having a hair on his head, brushed his bald head with a bamboo brush that he kept meticulously in a velvet handkerchief. However, the greatest of his eccentricities was always wearing two underpants.

One day, for reasons still unknown, his heart stopped beating forever. His wife, very anguished, combed his bald head with the bamboo brush, put on his most elegant suit, but forgot to bury him with his two underpants.

After the funeral, the ghost of Zacarías Franco kept coming back to the house. Every night at exactly 8:57 he walked through the front door.

His wife was so scared that she moved out of the house, but the ghost of Zacarías Franco found her. So, he moved again and kept moving. According to rumors, she had to move house 6 or 8 times, but no matter where she got to; Zacarias kept coming back.

Finally, the woman gathered all her strength and, one night, when the ghost of her husband entered through the front door, she asked him:

“Zacarias, why do you keep coming back?” What do you expect from me?

Zacarias looked at her for a long time and finally said:

“Honey, please I need my other pair of briefs.”

That was how the woman threw the other pair of underpants at him and, to this day, everyone says that they have never seen him again.