Do you have in mind a name with the letter A and you can’t decide which one to choose? There are many options! Choosing a name for the girl you are expecting is not always easy. In this series of articles on girl names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find many ideas. It is common that, before deciding on a specific name, you value different options. They can help you decide some aspects such as the meaning or origin of a name. There is a wide variety of girl names with the letter A, for this reason, in this baby names article, we offer you a long list of girl name with A, with the meaning and their origin.

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The name Abigail means “the joy of the father” or “the joy of the father”.


The meaning of April is related to youth, spaciousness, freshness, light and openness. Likewise, given that it is used to name the spring month of all due to its etymological origin, the name…


“Ornament, beauty”. Its etymology acquires many meanings, it is aesthetic beauty, the one that inspires through perception, the one that visually persuades. It is phonetically confused with the Germanic Adal, whose hypocoristic is Ada, with an origin that represents the “noble lineage”.


Adalberta comes from Adal “noble lineage”, from Berht “brightness, brilliance” and Badu “combat, fight”. By the relation of the concepts of her means the one who shines for the nobility of his lineage, also famous for the nobility of his actions, due to his strength and courage in combat.


The female name Adela means “one of noble origin” and refers to everything related to courage, strength and highness. In Arabic, the name Adela is related to equity and dignity. Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


From Adal, “noble lineage” and Haidus “species, class, quality”. It would be the one belonging to the noble class. Highlight the concept of highness, which is above.



From adal, “noble lineage” and ulf “wolf”, as a sacred animal that was interpreted in mythology as a warrior, so its metaphorical vision would be “thrown warrior”, also “warrior of noble lineage”.


It is a mystical, symbolic name. It comes from Adoro, that is to say, from Ad, which means “in, towards, regarding” and oro, “to pronounce a prayer”. Its biblical representation is very broad, highlighting the Epiphany, the worship of Jesus.


The name Adriana means “the one who comes from the Adriatic Sea”.


It represents a continent, it is believed that it comes from the Greek a-phriko, “without cold”, “hot”, due to the temperature of Africa. This territory is still called today by the Arabs Ifrikia, with which it was denominated at the beginning only to the part of Carthage.


It is a name of Hebrew origin, but it is derived from the Arabic hadchara or hidshra, “to flee”. It represents as an allegorical name the flight of Mohammed to Medina. It is therefore an allegorical name: the biblical Hagar, Abraham’s concubine, was forced to flee into the desert.


Agata’s name means “the good one”, “the kind one”, “the correct one” and “the virtuous one”.


It is the patronymic form of Augustus. It is the “sacred, venerable”. It could be said that it represents the benign, the divine, the one who is sublime. Originally it had the meaning of Augurio consecratus, that is, “consecrated by the augury”, which represents the influence of destiny in the concept.


The name Aida means “the woman who returns home” or “the generous woman who returns home”. Therefore, it is related to the goodness, purity and virtue that women have.


Ainara means “swallow”, so the connotation of this Basque girl’s name is freedom.


The name of Ainhoa ​​is closely related to that of the Virgin of Ainhoa, so the meaning of Ainhoa ​​may vary depending on the region in which we are, and may mean “Mary”, “land…


We can say that the meaning of the name Aitana is not entirely clear, as there are several theories regarding its etymology. The most accepted theory is the one that determines that Aitana comes from the term…


The hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Aitziber is located in the Sarabe forest in Urdiain, a town in Navarra. It was the parish of the disappeared town of Sarabe. They say that the hermitage was built by the gentiles of the surroundings.


Akene is a beautiful name of Japanese origin that means “the one that is beautiful like a plant that shines in the sun”, although many experts in Japanese language bet on translating Akane as “plant that shines in the sun”. The relationship between…


The female name Akemi means “beautiful” and “bright”.


The name Alba means “dawn” and symbolizes light, the awakening of life.


It is the Adalberta contraction. It means “the radiance of the noble lineage”. The one who for his nobility shines and makes himself stand out. There are numerous names that show the honesty of the lineage, of the ancestors offering security and category to the bearer of the name.


It is a derivation of the Latin root of albus, alba. It is the one that wakes up to the light, after its transit from the darkness of the night, from uncertainty. It is the one that begins to know and enjoy the dawn.


It is one of many Germanic names whose component ald means “to grow”. In it is the Indo-European root of al, (to feed), the same as the Latin alere. It represents the value of age, life, generation.


Its form in classical Latin is Alacer, alacris, that is, “joyful, excited, full of illusion”. She is the one who lives and enjoys life with joy. It is a widely used and highly symbolic name for the Sephardim in the full and totalitarian sense of liveliness and ardor.


The name Alejandra is the feminine version of the name Alejandro and means “the protector of men”.


Its main Greek origin literally means “strength, help, defense” and “anger, anger”. It represents a very strong character of the one who wears it, since it is “the one that contains the strength of his anger”. In German Greek mythology, she is the mother of Hercules, characterized by this quality.


The most widespread meaning of Alexia’s name is the one that comes from her European origin, as we will see later, and is that of “person who protects humanity”. Thus, it is known that this girl’s name means “the…


Name that comes from Adal, “noble lineage” and Funs, “prepared, competent, ready”. In its adapted meaning, it is the man trained and ready for combat.


It comes from the union of Aelf, “elf”, and Read, “advice, recommendation and guide”. Its meaning is the “council of the elves”.


The name Alicia means “real woman”.


The first thing to keep in mind is that it is predominantly a name for girls in all countries, but throughout history there have been men who have borne this name, such as a Brazilian soccer player, who…


The name Alma means good-hearted or warm-hearted. It also means maiden, spirit and gentle.


The name Almond means “as beautiful as the fruit”.


It comes from the union of Ala, “everything” (like the English all) and Mir, “illustrious and famous”. He is the one who is all fame, known and appreciated for his actions and thoughts, the one who represents fame and general opinion, the one known by all and who also obtains the category of illustrious.


Its ancient origin derives from Arabic and designates a measure for aggregates: the mode. Its inclusion as a proper name and its meaning are of Catholic origin; of the Madrilenian Invocation of the Virgin Mary has taken its main consideration.


There are two possible meanings; the one that comes close to the meaning of the legal term “free land”, “integral land”, and the one that means “great wealth and great value”, “beauty and grace”.


Skylark is a name derived from the lark birds and means “she who is melodious”.


Variant of Alfonsa, from Old Germanic Alfuns, adal, meaning “noble” and funs, meaning “ready, prepared”. Of Portuguese origin, AlonsA has the discipline to adapt her intellectual qualities to her practical needs.


The name Altair means “the brightest star”.


The female name Amaia is a variant of the Basque name Amaya and means “the desired daughter” or “happy ending”, as it refers to the happy moment of having a daughter so longed for and conceived with so much love.


The name Amanda, in masculine Amando, comes from the confluence of two names. On the one hand from the Germanic ‘Ald-mann’ (old man) or ‘Athal-mann’ (noble man) and on the other from the Latin ‘Amandus’ (loved by others). Some…


Amaryllis means “to shine, to shine”.


It comes in its composition from the Greek a- privative and meristos, “to fill with wine” that is, to intoxicate. It has the meaning of “without intoxicating” which leads us to think of clarity, certainty, what is without disturbing or manipulating.


The meaning of the girl’s name Ámbar is “precious stone”, “jewel”, “precious”, “precious”, “beautiful and charming”, “the one with the delicious aroma” or “the one with the delicious perfume”.


What does the name Amelia mean in the Bible? Amelia is a beautiful girl’s name, short and elegant, which also has a very important meaning. The meaning of Amelia has to do with work,…


This is a name, Amerigo or Americo, which was imposed on the continent by the Italian Vespucci. But from its ending rik- we can deduce the meaning related to chief, command and king.


It is “shelter, shelter, protection”. Its etymology is composed of ante- and parare, “stop in front”, that is, protect, shelter. Even prevent with a parapet, favor. It is a name known for an invocation of the Virgin Mary; Our Lady of the Forsaken.


Amy’s female given name is the English variant of Spanish Amanda and means “beloved” or “person loved by everyone else”.


The name Ana means “full of grace”.


The name Anabel is a contraction between Ana and Isabel. It is originally from Scotland and means “kind, delicate and graceful”. For other historians it has a meaning associated with “mercy and blessing of God”.


Literally it is “Flower of gold”, Its symbolic meaning is the brightness of beauty, the radiance of what is valuable. It is used above all in the Antilles as a given name. It is related to voluptuousness and grace, with the virtue of beauty.


According to etymology, Anahí’s name means “beautiful as the ceibo flower”, since there is a legend around this name that involves this flower.


The compound name Analía currently has two meanings: Ana which means “full of grace” and Lía which means “the one who does not rest”.


Andrea is a masculine name of Greek origin that means brave, manly and masculine, thus, the meaning could be interpreted as “one who is very manly”.


The name Andreína is a variant of Andrea and is of Greek origin. It means ‘brave’ and is the feminine form of Andrés. He is a persevering person and likes innovations.


The female name Anel means “full of grace”.


The meaning of the name Angela is “the messenger of God”. It is the female version of Angel which means “messenger”.


The name Angeles means “messenger of God”.


It comes from the Greek voice aggelos, as in the case of Angeles or Angela. It means “the angelic one”, the one that looks like the spirit of an angel or its beauty. It embraces a sense of eternal beauty and infinite candor from its relationship with celestial beings.


The name Angelina is the diminutive of Angela and means “the messenger of God” or simply “the messenger”, since it refers to the angels, which are precisely the messengers of God.


The female name Angie is of Greek origin and means ‘sent from God’. He is a sentimental and kind person, always concerned about others and sociable. People often come to her and she is also creative and affectionate.


Of Latin origin, Angustias (“narrow or complicated”) faces danger with great courage and willpower and difficulties do not stop him. However, at times he gets carried away and manifests an excessive inclination to comfort.


Ania, name originating from ancient Rome, literally means “delivered woman” or “consecrated woman”. This meaning is closely linked to the deity from whom the name was derived: Anna Perenna, divinity of the year and the moon.


The female name Anjana comes from Cantabrian mythology. It is the name of a good fairy who lives in caves not far from rivers.


Literally it would be “Ace or God” and “Helmo”. In a metaphorical way we could say that it represents protection, “the one who has a God as wilderness”, “the one who has an Ace as protection”. Anselm was a well-known champion of Charlemagne, to whom this symbolic meaning can be fully attributed.


The girl’s name Antonella means “the one who is beautiful like a flower”, “pretty flower”, “precious like a flower” and “beautiful and sweet flower”.


Antonia means “beautiful like a flower”.


The meaning of Araceli is “altar of heaven”. This meaning comes from its origin: the sanctuary of Santa Araceli was built on top of the capitol, right in the place occupied by the temple of Jupiter. Its meaning comes from…


Arantza is a variant of the name Arancha, of Basque origin, and its meaning is “thorn”. The meaning of Arantza is found in the origins of the name, since it comes from the word “arantzazu”, which means “place full of thorns”.


It is actually the Basque invocation of the Virgin Mary. It comes from the Basque Ara-antz-a-zu, “extensive mountain”, “elevation”. In a symbolic sense we would say that it is “high point, peak”, also “skewer, thorn”.


The female name Arcelia has a Latin origin and means ‘treasure chest’. He is a very reserved and prudent person. He usually succeeds in his endeavors thanks to his vision of the practical side of things.


The name Ariadne means “very pure” or “very holy”, it comes from ancient Greek, from a character in Greek mythology.


The female name Arlene is of Celtic origin and means ‘promise’ or ‘commitment’. Some of its graphic variants are Arleen, Arlena or Arlen. She is an adaptable, friendly person who loves what she believes in and vivacious.


Its origin is not clear, it is a contraction of several Germanic created by Tasso to designate one of the characters in his work. It is a contraction of Arm-infr-ida, which means “the protection of force”, the protection of power, of the special.


Aroa’s name means ‘time’ or ‘right time’. Etymologically, the Aroa comes from ‘ARA’, which means ‘good will’, and ‘AROHA’ which means ‘good time’. It is a very strong and popular name in the last…


Belonging to the Greek Artemis, it represents the goddess Artemis or Diana, sister of Apollo. Diana is the goddess of the hunt and of the moon, whose virtuosity is to be eternally virgin. The variants of it are Artemio / a.


She is very possessive and knows that she has to bear heavy responsibilities to achieve her goals, but this does not discourage her. She is a very impressionable and possessive person and must learn to respect the freedom of those she loves to fulfill herself emotionally.


It is the feminine of Asellus, diminutive of Asinus, it means “donkey”. It has this unique symbology in relation to the animal, characteristically Mediterranean. Its Greek origin is probably a loan from the Sumerian ansu, so its initial origin is unknown.


The female name Ashley comes from English and means “ash tree”, “ash or ash forest” and also “rising or reborn from the ashes”. In fact, in English it is known as ash wood or ash tree when…


Its literal interpretation is “the one that shines like a star”, the one belonging to the stars, the illuminated one. The meaning of “child of the stars” could also be coined. In mythology, the name of the Titanide that Zeus turned into a Quail.


It comes from Ans, one of the Aces or Gods, and trud, “who is dear, cherished.” “The beloved God” or “willed by the Ace or God” would be the possible interpretation of it. One of its variants of the same root is Gertrudis and Godevila.


The name of Asunción is a very common name in Spain and literally means “to draw towards oneself”. This name comes from the action of taking, alluding to the biblical passage when the Virgin…


Audrey is an English variant of the name Adeltrudis. She is a strong and noble person. Her feast day is January 30.


In the translatic sense it is “venerable, sublime, divine”, it is the sacred. Its most original meaning is “sacred by omen”, by the signs that expressed the will of the Gods.


The meaning of Aura refers to the “breath” or “breeze”. It symbolizes the delicacy of the wind or breath.


“Made of gold.” Extremely practical and very disciplined, Áurea tends to reason everything. She always puts her head before her heart and for her everything has to have a logical explanation.She is a very independent person and it is very difficult for her to submit to social or sentimental ties.


Name of a Roman gens, deriving from the same Indo-European root as Aurora, usráh meaning “of the morning”. It can also come from the same hypothetical root from which the sun is derived, Ausel. One of its variants is Aurora.


The name Aurora means “dawn”.


“The one that helps.” They are usually very sentimental people, but they have a hard time expressing it. They have a great sense of duty and an enviable ability to fight and sacrifice. They reject the help of others and prefer to achieve things by themselves.


They are people of enormous rectitude and lovers of the truth. They listen to all opinions before making a judgment and their measured attitude sometimes makes it difficult for them to express their feelings.


The name Aylin means “transparent” or “clear” if we take into account that it comes from the Mapuche or “moon halo” if we take into consideration the theory that this feminine name is of Turkish origin.


According to most theories, the word “aymara” comes from “jayamararu”, which is formed by “jaya”, which translates as “far”, by “mara”, which means “year” as a synonym for time, Y…

orange blossom

The female name Azahara comes from Arabic and means ‘beautiful person like a flower’. It is the feminine variant of the Castilian noun ‘orange blossom’. The orange blossom is the small white flower of the lemon and orange tree.


It proceeds in its most effective interpretation of the botanical Latin azalea. It means “dry, arid, without water”. It also represents a cricaceous bush that is characterized by its beautiful flowers, hence its use as a feminine name.


This name refers to whiteness and purity, just like Lilia and Liliana. It is related to that condition of women as a special and incomparable gift. He refers to the Lily spice as a soft and pure flower.


The girl’s name Azul means “the color of the sky”, “tranquility” and “infinity”. All these concepts are really related to the color blue and natural elements that are of this color, such as the sky and water.