Do you need girl name ideas that start with the letter C? It may be that right away you are clear about the name you want for your baby, however, sometimes a little help is needed for this difficult choice. It is an important decision, it will be a name for life! In this series of articles on girl names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find many ideas. The meaning or origin of the name may help you decide. If you prefer short, longer, classic or modern names, in this baby names article on girl name with C, you will find names, such as Camelia, Candela or Carola, along with their meaning.

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It is a name formed by the voices Kalos, “beautiful” and opos, “voice”. It means pleasant and sweet voice. It has been used by Greek mythology to designate the muse of the epic, which is why it has many symbolic meanings that are related to subtlety, harmony and beauty.


Its original meaning is the superlative “beautiful”. It can be used both for the masculine and for the feminine gender, in both cases it welcomes the sense of “great beauty”, supreme youth and is a tribute to newborns.


This term derives from the Greek kamelós, it is believed that this in turn comes from the Arabic Semitic word gamal, meaning “camel”. It is one of many other feminine names that represent not an etymological meaning but a symbolic one; beautiful as flowers. Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


The feminine name Camila derives from the Latin and masculine “camillus” the name received by the acolytes in a ritual of the ancient Roman religion. It means “the one that is present in God” and “the one that she offers…


“The one that breaks through.” Persevering, tenacious and willful, Camino is a woman with very clear ideas who loves to travel and meet new people. She is broad-minded and open-minded and makes the Latin saying “Cerpe Diem” (“seize the moment”) her life motto.



The name candela means “luminous woman”.


The girl’s name Candelaria means “she who shines” or “she who shines”. Some theories suggest that it could also be translated as “the one that purifies with its brightness”.


It is the “innocent”, “the one that shines for its purity”. The Indo-European root corresponding to the name is kand- “to shine, the incandescent being”. It is a name that stands out for symbolizing whiteness, the clarity of both intelligence and action.


Caritas means “charity” and is one of the theological virtues, along with faith and hope. It comes from carus, “the dear”. The person who bears this name offers others his charity, his affection, his dearest good.


It means “graceful, beautiful, pleasant” if we pay attention to its Latin derivation in Italian. Its initial meaning was “comic”, it represented the “funny” character of the Doric comedy. Names like Caritina and Gracia can be compared by derivation of meaning; “funny”.


The name Carla means “brave and strong”. In other words, its meaning is “the one who is strong”.


It is one of the names derived from Carmen, but it acquires autonomous meanings due to its origin; Karm-el means “the vineyard of God”, while the Latin designates a different sense, “song” or “poem”.


Carmen’s name has several meanings, the best known being “God’s garden”, which comes from the Hebrew. However, other meanings arise from Latin such as “music”, “song” or “poem”, even “conjuration” and “spell”.


He is a person endowed with great sensitivity and intelligence. He has a great willpower to achieve his goals and has an outstanding artistic talent.


The name Carola is of Germanic origin and is a variant of Carolina, Carla. Carolina comes from the German karl, “strong”. derived from Charles. He is a determined person who does not usually back down very easily; however, he suffers from frequent mood swings.


The name Carolina means “intelligence”.


It comes from the words kasis, “sister”, and andrós, genitive meaning “man”. Literally “sister of men”. It would be the one who is a friend to others, kind and with “grace”. In mythology, Cassandra was the sister of Hector and Paris and was gifted with the gift of prophecy.


Due to the union of the words Hathu, “fight, combat”, and hild, “the battle”, which form this name, we would say that its meaning focuses on “the one who is a combatant”, the one who has the strength of battle, the warrior


Castalia is the name of the spring on Mount Parnassus consecrated to the Muses. Its waters had a special characteristic; They gave the prophetic gift. It is therefore “the pure, chaste source.”


The name Catherine means “pure”.


The feminine name Catrina that derives from the name Catalina, comes from the Greek ‘Kataor’ and means ‘pure and chaste’. His feast day is October 5.


It is the Port of Campania, “Caieta”, although it is probably derived from “gaius”, “joy”. Through this last meaning, the name takes the meaning of “vivid, funny, cheerful person”.


Cecilia is a name that is associated with kindness and honesty in women. Literally translates “the little one who is blind” or “the blind girl”. Therefore, its meaning is linked to devotion and…


It belongs to the zephyr, a western wind characterized by being soft and gentle. Its arrival in the spring is very common. It symbolizes the one who carries life in a breath, in an instant in a delicate way.


Thanks to the Greek voice from which it derives, it means “seductive”. It is one of the names of the Goddess Cibeles, the mother of all goddesses, also called Rea, queen. They are names of pre-Indo-European origin and dark etymology.

Light blue

The female name Celeste refers to the sky, and by its metaphorical extension is “the one belonging to the gods, the immortal, the haughty, the superhuman”. It symbolizes the woman who elevates, who reaches complete virtue.


“That belongs to heaven.” Dynamic, quick-witted and very original in her ideas, Celestina is usually quite tenacious, but sometimes she gets distracted very easily. You can experience sudden emotional swings and your mood depends on your surroundings.


The female name Celia refers to a “heavenly woman”, since caelium means sky in Latin.


“Like heaven.” Celina values ​​her freedom above all else and displays great energy. Her shyness, sometimes exaggerated, can play tricks on her, but if she overcomes it, she is very affectionate. Holiday: October 21.


One of its most recent meanings is “monastery”, “house of God”. It derives from the Greek “house of life”, although there are other interpretations that make us take Cenobia as “belonging to the life of Zenos”, “the descendant of Jupiter”.


The name Chantal means “stone”.


She is tremendously distrustful and very indecisive, to the point that she does not make a decision until she has weighed it hundreds of times. This makes her a very introverted person, who shuns social treatment, instead her family gives her security.


It is patronymic of Cyprius, from the Greek Kiprios, island of Cyprus. “The one belonging to Cyprus”. The literal meaning of it is the one that comes from the Mediterranean island that is the center of the cult of Aphrodite.


The female name Circe is of Greek origin and means ‘cunning woman’. She is a hardworking, kind, understanding, patient and tireless person. She knows what she wants and always gets what she wants.


It is the feminine of the Latin Cyrenaeus and means “the native of Cyrene”. The use of patronymic names as personal names is very common. They reflect the characteristics of a foreign culture in the personality of the human being.


Citlalli is a female name of Aztec origin (northern Mexico) meaning ‘star’. He is a very human, sensitive and hard-working person. He always comes to the end of everything he sets out to do.


The name Clara means “illustrious, pure and clean”.

Poor Clare

Spontaneous, insightful, frank and endowed with a great imagination, Clarisa is capable of taking control of any situation. He does not have an innate leadership capacity, but he does have a lot of decision. Festivity: January 30.


The meaning of the name Claudia is “lame”, the feminine form of Claud in Latin.


It comes from the Greek kleos, “glory”, and andrós, “man”. It is the glorious, supreme being that stands out above the others. He is famous for the good opinion he arouses in others. From this point of view, he could be the person who enjoys a good reputation, a noble and honorable fame.


This is the name of one of the well-known Roman gens, a native of Alba and also called by the name of Cluilia. It presents a somewhat doubtful significant origin. On the one hand its similarity with the Greek “glory” and on the other with the Latin, by which it adopts the meaning of “client”.


It comes from kleos, “glory”, and pater, “father”. It is the glory of the father, blessed and loved by his parents. The one that brings joy and happiness. The most famous bearer of it was the queen of Egypt, but there is a mythological character with this name that requires our attention, one of the Danaids.


The name Chloe means “green grass”.


The meaning of this name is very attractive, it seems that it comes from Chloris, who was the Greek Goddess of flowers and wife of Céfiro (“the green one”), and from the ending -inda of words such as Zelinda, Belinda, etc.


Coming from hluot, “glory”, and hild, “battle”, it means “the glorious battle”. She is the woman revered in battle, the virtuous warrior who defeats the enemy, the one who possesses the audacity and courage to fight.


Insecure and introverted, Colombina is the prototype of the permanent dissatisfied. Nothing that she does of her seems good to her and she believes that everyone around her is more capable than she is She tends to extrapolate her insecurity to other areas of life and is quite awkward in her relationships with others.


This name refers to the Conception of the Virgin Mary. Dedicated and helpful, she pays no attention to her loved ones, which makes her her ideal mother. However, her mood is very changeable and she tends towards melancholy.


Concha is the hypocoristic form of Concepción, “contain, collect, conceive.” It is a mystical name that alludes to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin. It comes from the verb capio, “to take, grab”, and the conjunction cum, “with, next to”.


Derived from constans, “constant, firm”, it is one of the names most used by the Roman emperors. She wants to represent the one who is effective, self-confident, stable and blunt in her decisions.


Constanza exhibits great leadership skills and a lot of power to influence others. She has very high intellectual aspirations and possesses rigid discipline and a strong sense of order.


He usually stands out above the rest and flees from everything that is routine and mediocrity. Excessively imaginative, she is willing to do anything to achieve her goals.


It is believed that it may come from the Latin “abundance”, splendor, generosity, voluptuousness, as a diminutive of the original voice. The use of this name is due to the famous mechanical doll devised by Dr. Coppellius, in Leo Delibes’ opera.


From its kore etymological origin this name takes the meaning of “maiden, virgin”. She is the pure and innocent girl, the chaste, the young and beautiful. One of the variants of it is Corina, a diminutive that was the name of a Greek poet from the 5th century BC.


The name Coral has two meanings: one is “the beauty of the coral” and the other is “innocent”.


Its original use is feminine, it comes from kore or kora, “girl, maiden” and is the diminutive of the voice. She is the pure and innocent girl, the chaste, the young and beautiful “little girl”. She is a variant of the female name Cora and must also be confronted with Corina.


The female name Corina is a variant of Cora and is of Greek origin. It means ‘the maiden’. He is a person of strong character and honest. She likes to learn new things and is generous with others.


Perhaps it comes from the word cornu, “horn”. In ancient times “the man with the horn” was the most powerful of the warriors, it was one of the greatest aspirations of the primitive warrior; be invulnerable to enemy arrows.


It is the voice that means “the adorned”, “the embellished”. It symbolizes the vain and beautiful woman. It can also be related to his kinship with kosmos, “world”. The people who wear it are characterized by their impartiality and balance, by their universality.


It is a name used thanks to one of the invocations of the Virgin Mary; Our Lady of Covadonga. It is believed that it may derive from its etymological form of cova longa, “long cave”, or cova-donna, “lady’s cave”.


It means “frizzy”, “curly hair”. It was used for children who were born with this physical characteristic. Symbolically it is the one who is careful in his ways, the undulating, the soft and attentive. One of its variants are names like Crispin and Crispina.


We find the origin of the name Cristel in the Greek and, later, Latin cultures. In Greek, the name Cristel comes from the word krystallos, etymologically “the one that is clear” or “the one that is pure”. However, due to the passing…


Cristina’s name means “follower of Christ”, from its Latin origin.


It means “cross”, one of the most used torture instruments among the Romans and which has become one of the most important symbols of the Christian religion. Through the passion of Christ he represents redemption and forgiveness, tranquility and peace after suffering.


It is a hypocoristic widely used in Mexico from the name of Refugio. It means “asylum, protection, refuge”. It comes from the voices -re, “back”, and fugio, “to flee”. It would be fleeing backwards, protecting oneself for defense.


It derives from the word custody, “guard”, which in turn comes from custos, “the guardian”. As a first name it began to be used thanks to the feast of the Guardian Angels. He is the protector, the impenetrable guardian.