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Are you looking for a special and different name for your baby? In this series of articles on girl names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find very good options. Names with the letter K are different and very special, as is their meaning. Ireland, Hawaii or Egypt are some of the origins of the names with the letter K. If the ultrasound has revealed the sex of the baby and you already know that it will be a girl, congratulations! In this baby names article, you will find girl name with K , along with the meaning and origin.

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While it is true that Karen is the Danish version of Catherine, when we talk about the meaning of Karen, we have to go back to the Greek culture. This is because Karen is a variant of Katherine, a popular name of Greek origin that…


The female name Karim is of Arabic origin and means ‘generous’ and ‘honorable’. He is a kind and loving person. His personality is well defined and proud, in the good sense of the word.


The meaning of the name Kathleen is “pure”.



The meaning of the name Katia is “pure” or “chaste”. It is said that women named Katia are associated with adjectives such as innocent, immaculate or young.


Kay has been spread all over the world thanks to a character from Andersen’s story “The Snow Queen”. Kay can be analyzed as one of Katherine’s hypocoristics, that is, Catalina, which means “pure, chaste”, embraces a meaning of immaculate, innocent, young.


Keisha is a girl’s name with several meanings. On the one hand, there are those who give it the meaning of “cinnamon” or “spice tree”. On the other hand, another widely used meaning of this name is “alive and healthy” and “great… Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


Kelly is one of the most popular names in the United States, even though its origins are Celtic. This is due, in large part, to the fact that Kelly has a deep and powerful meaning: “fighting woman” or “that maiden…


The meaning of the name Kenya is “luminous mountain” or “mountain of radiance or brilliance” and we find its origin in the African continent.


Keren’s name has various meanings, including “abundance”, “clean and pure”, “moon reflection”, “moon maiden”, “beautiful woman” and “Queen maiden kept for God”.


The girl’s name Kiara derives from Latin and means “clear”, “bright”, “luminous” and “illuminated”, as well as “the one who brings the light” or “the one who illuminates”.


Kiliana seems to be a celltized form of Cecilia or Coecula, the one who saved the statue of the goddess Venus from the fire. It comes from the Etruscan word coecus, “blind” or “short-sighted”. Some bet on its Etruscan origin as a popular label, as a designation.


The name Kim means “forest”.


Kinisburga means in its literal translation “the fortress of royalty”. The meaning of her is related to “the good lineage”, she is the noble woman and that makes honor her main quality.


The name Kira means “Sun” in its Persian origin. For this reason, it is also common to find meanings that refer to the sun as “bright”, “glittering” or “joyful”.


The meaning of the name Kristel is announced. Although other sources assure that the meaning of Kristel is a follower of Christ.


The meaning of the name Kristen is “follower of Christ”, since it comes from the Latin christianus.

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