Are you pregnant and expecting a girl? Congratulations! Choosing the name of the new member of the family is not always easy or quick, because there are girl names with the letter T for all tastes. You can bet on longer names or simple and short names. In this series of articles on girl names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find many original and beautiful ideas. In this baby namesarticle, we have created a list of girl name with T , such as Teresa, Tamara or Tula, along with their meaning and origin.

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Tabaré comes from the union of taba, “town”, and the conjunction re, “after”. Its literal translation is “the one who is after the town”, that is, “the one who lives far away”, “the withdrawal from the town”.


Tabita is one of the few names of Aramaic origin that are preserved today. Its meaning is “gazelle”. In Hebrew/Aramaic, the meaning of the name Tabitha is: beauty, grace. The biblical reference to this name appears in New…


Tatianus or Taciano is a patronymic of Tatius, that is, “what is related to Tacio”. Saint Tation was a martyr in Asia Minor in the fourth century. Tacio is a derivative of the abbreviated popular Latin; “ta” is the word of the Roman children’s language that is used to designate the father, it corresponds to “daddy”. Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


Tadea is a Latin given name, derived from an earlier Greek vos meaning “he who praises” or “he who confesses”. At first it was used as a surname; this is the case of Judas Tadeo, one of the twelve apostles and nicknamed the “brother of Jesus”.



Talia is the name of one of the three graces (along with Aglaia and Eufrosina) and of the muse of comedy, venerated by the Greeks. Its meaning comes from the verb tállo, “to flourish”: Talía is “the flourishing one·”, “the vigorous one”; also the young and beautiful.


Tamara is a name of Hebrew origin that means “date palm tree”. Although it is true that this meaning may seem somewhat generic and simple, the truth is that the name Tamara is related to protection and…


The meaning of the name Tania is “the beautiful princess” or “brave nobleman”. This beautiful meaning is related to her noble origin.


Tatiana is the Russian calligraphy for Taciana, which in turn comes from Tatius. Tacio or Tatius is a derivative of the abbreviated popular Latin; “ta” is the word of the Roman children’s language that is used to designate the father, it corresponds to “daddy”.


Tea is an abbreviation of Dorotea in Italian, it is made up of two different voices: on the one hand doron, “don”, and on the other hand Deós, “god”. It is thus “the one granted by God”, the one that has been donated by the divinity.


Thecla has its origin in the union of two Greek words: theos, “god”, and kléos, “glory”. It means in its literal translation “the glory of God”. She is a name with mystical characteristics: Saint Thecla was a woman converted by Saint Paul and tormented with her faith, she died in Turkey.


Teodora means “the gift of God”. The Greek conception of the term “god” does not correspond to the Latin meaning; It exactly translates as “being endowed with spirit”, by influence of a pre-Greek root of the Mediterranean peoples.


Teófila is formed by the Greek words Theós, “God”, and fílos, “friend”. He is “the friend, the companion of God”. Interestingly, it is the masculine proper name to which the Gospel of Saint Luke and the “acts of the apostles” are addressed.


Tercia means “the third”, that is, “the third born”. In ancient times it was usual to designate the new members of the family numerically, establishing a kind of family hierarchy. This happens with names like Octaviano, Décimo, Primo, Nunio, Sixto, etc.


Teresa’s meaning is likely to be “harvest” or “she who reaps the harvest”, due to her Greek origin. For this reason, she can also mean “summer”. However, being a name with different origins, it also…


As we have anticipated, Thais is a beautiful name of Greek origin that is quite common in European countries such as France, Spain or Italy, in addition to Greece. The literal translation of the Greek etymology of the name…


The female name Thalia is of Greek origin and means ‘grace of nature’ or ‘fertile’. According to Greek tradition she is the muse of comedy.


Thelma is a fashionable name in Anglo-Saxon countries, its fame is due to the novel “Thelma” by María Corelli. They come from the Greek word Thélema, “will”. It seems that it is not an ancient Greek name, but a Byzantine one.


Latin. Derived from “Titianus” means “That great and strong”. Brave and risky defender. Spontaneous and carefree, she makes friends easily.


Tina is the usual Italian diminutive of Albertina (in general of names whose ending is diminutive) Alberta is the contraction of Adalberto. It means “the radiance of the noble lineage”. The one who shines and stands out because of his nobility.


Tirza is a name with a delicate and beautiful meaning, it means “pleasure, delight”. By extension, she is the delicious, sweet, kind, desired, exquisite woman. Some etymologists relate the word Tirtzah to “cypress”.


Thisbe has an exclusively mythological origin; she is the young Babylonian lover of Pyramus, characterized by her beauty and sensitivity. At a later stage she would be called Thisbe after the city of Boeotia, famous for its wild pigeons.


Tomasa means “the twin, the twin”. The term is a Hellenization of the Greek tidimos, which was originally a nickname. According to biblical tradition the apostle Thomas was actually called Judas and he changed his name to distinguish himself from him.


Transit comes from the Latin transitus, “passage, step, transit”. As a feminine given name, it is a praise to the Transit of the Virgin Mary, on August 13. It refers to the death of the mother of Jesus and her resurrection; “the passage” from life to death and from death to new life.


Trifonia is the feminine form of Trypho, a Greek voice meaning “sumptuousness, license, delicacy”, it is the one “of the gifted life”. Santa Tryfonia was an acclaimed 3rd century Roman Empress, wife of the Roman Emperor Decius.


The name Trinidad refers to the Holy Trinity of the Bible, so its meaning is “that which is worth three”.


Tula is the hypocoristic of Gertrude, formed by the Germanic words ger, “lance”, and trut, “faithful, valuable”. It is the faithful spear, the one that offers continuous and valuable protection. One of the variants of her is Gertrude.


Tulia was the name of a Roman gens or family, its meaning is “belonging to Tullus or Tulo”, the name of two kings of Rome.