Does the choice of the name of the little one of the house make you especially excited and do you want it to be perfect? ​​Do you lack inspiration and do not know what name to choose? Knowing the meaning of a name can help you decide on one option or another, it is a very important aspect to take into account. If you are religious or on the contrary you want a current name, below you will find names for all tastes. In this baby names article, we offer you a list of girl name with V , such as Victoria, Violeta and Vera, along with their meaning and origin.

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The name Valentina means “courageous”, that is, “brave”.


The name Valeria means “The one who is courageous and healthy”.


The female name Valeska means “strong and brave woman” and refers to a fighter, brave and constant person who always achieves everything she sets out to do. Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


Valtruda means “the beloved in power”, “the one who is esteemed for her form of government”. She derives from this meaning that she is the “bold one”, “the honest one”, and, in general, “the illustrious boss”. The origin of it is found in the Germanic wald-, “government, command”, and trut, “beloved, dear”.


The meaning of Vanesa is “vain woman” or “the one with vanity”.



Velia, by extension of meanings, is “the high place”. It was an ancient pre-Roman place characterized by being raised, by having raised meadows, and in which the temples were built. By deduction it is also a divine place.


From uenans, Venancia is “the hunter”. Hunting is the pursuit to reach the animal, metaphorically Venancio is the one who pursues his triumph, the one who fights and strives to get his prey. Under Old High German influence the meaning becomes “the conqueror”.


Wenceslas is a name that has been documented since the 10th century; it seems to come from a form of Old Czech and means “the most glorious man”. Wenceslas is the superior man (“the most”), the illustrious, the one who enjoys glory and fame, the publicly appreciated one.


The female name Veneranda comes from the Latin ‘Venerandus’ and means ‘person who is worthy of veneration’. Her feast day is November 14.


Name of Latin origin. It was the name that the Romans gave to the goddess of love. It manifests itself in artistic expression, things of honor and humor. Love the color, the proportions and cheerful mood.


Venusta is “what is related to Venus”. It translates as “the act of love”, “the loved object”. It has one of the purest and most beautiful meanings; from the same etymology comes Venus, the mythological goddess who personifies love and turns it into something divine.


The name Vera means “faith”.


The meaning of the name Veronica is “true victory” or “the one who achieves victory”. Another meaning given to her with different origins is “true image”.


Vesta has become a popular female given name because it was named after Vesta, the Greek goddess of the hearth and fire. It derives from the Greek estía, “home”. Vespa is the warm, calm, stable and homelike woman.


Vicencia is a derivative of Vicente, derives from ancient Latin and means “the winner, the victorious”. He is the person who achieves triumph surrounded by honors and praises, he is the glorious and famous one for his victory.


Vicenta is the feminine form of Vicente, derives from ancient Latin and means “the winner, the victorious one”. She is the person who achieves triumph surrounded by honors and praises, he is the glorious and famous one for his victory.


The name Victoria means “the successful woman”.


Vigberta is the union of the Germanic words wig, “fight, battle”, and berth, “brightness, brilliance”. The most correct interpretation of him is that of “the brightness of battle” or “he who shines in the fight”. Vigberto / a is “the illustrious and brilliant warrior”, who stands out for his strength and intelligence.


Vilma is one of the graphic variants of Wilma, the contraction of Guillermina. They come from the Germanic vilja, “will, decision”, and helm, “helmet”, “protection”. She is the one to whom her will serves as protection, the one who defends herself through her inner strength and her personal qualities.


Vinebalda is a name of Germanic origin composed of win, “friend”, and bald, “bold, intelligent”. His interpretation is oriented towards “the illustrious friend”. It is very common to highlight, in the Germanic peoples, the value of friendship in the fight, in the confrontation.


Vinefrida has a somewhat confusing etymological origin, it seems that it means “white wave”, like Genoveva. It is the frothy, morbid, attractive and pure woman. It welcomes the symbols related to the sea; depth, mystery and grandeur.


Viola is “violet”. It is very common to designate women as a metaphor for nature; comparing it with the beauty of flowers and plants. Viola is, symbolically, “the beautiful and young”. The same goes for gemstone names.


Violante is a derivative of the Germanic Wioland. It is documented as a name since the 8th century. It means “the wealth of the country”, “the fruitful land”. In Portugal Violante is identified by the name of the flower “violet”.


Violet means “the modest woman” or “the woman who is moderate.” It is a feminine name that arises in the middle ages, in which the tradition of naming girls after flowers begins. It’s about a…


Virginia is a name that means “the pure woman” or “the one who has not been touched”. It is the feminine of Virginio, and its use dates back to the Middle Ages to refer to women who maintained their chastity. This name was…


Virtues is the plural of the Latin uirtus, “strength, value”, from which the current meaning of “virtue” originates. Virtues is the woman with lofty qualities: the good, the kind, the courageous.


Latin. It means “She who is the bearer of good news.” She expresses herself in a way to attract attention and feel superior. Seek prosperity and fulfillment. She loves execution, planning and coming up with ideas.


Vitalia is the feminine form of Vital. Vital or Vitalis is the “life giver”, the lively, happy, excited and active person. Its previous etymological origin points to the concept of “being born, giving life”. Fifteen “vitalis” saints appear in the saint list, eight with the name of Vital and seven called Vidal.


Viviana is a petronymic of Vivius; “the relative to life”. She is the vital, cheerful, excited and active person. The previous etymological origin of it points to the concept of “being born, giving life”. As a mystical name she represents “supernatural life”.


Vladimira is the hispanization of the traditional Russian-Slavic name Vladimir. Composed of two differentiated voices; vladi, “lord, owner”, and mir, “world”. The interpretation of him is “the lord of the world”, “the one who rules over the whole”.


Vulfida, and its graphic variant Wulfida, is a name of Germanic origin composed of wulf, “wolf” (metaphorically “the thrown warrior”), and hild, “combat, fight”. Vulfida means “the fight of the wolf”, that is, strength and bravery.