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There are very few names that begin with the letter X and most have their origin in Galician, Mayan or Nahuatl. If you are expecting a baby and are looking for a different and special name, the names that start with the letter X are the best option. In this baby names article, you will find girl name with X , such as Ximena, Xuxa or Xiomara, along with the meaning and origin.

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Xanat is, in a practical way, the only name of Totonac origin that is preserved today in the West. It has a very beautiful meaning; “flower, vanilla”. Vanilla is the plant that gives off a sweet smell and whose flower is pleasant to the palate.


Xanthippe, despite its shape, is a name of Greek origin meaning “blonde, yellow”. It was common in ancient times for girls born with blonde or golden hair and white complexion to be put on.


Name of Galician origin that means “the second”. Galician form of “Santiaga”. Xaquelina can express herself in a very different way and stand out for one or another characteristic, but she will always have one quality that prevails over the others: her sensitivity; Although she doesn’t want to, she picks up on the feelings and needs of others and is forced to help them.



According to another interpretation of the term Xenia (Xènia, Xénia) it is translated as “the hospitable one”; the welcoming and friendly woman. Means “hospitality” in Greek, a derivative of ξενος (xenos… Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


The meaning of Ximena is “the one who listens”. She refers to an attentive woman who knows how to listen.


The female name Xiomara derives from the Arabic “Siomara” and literally means “the most beautiful star in the universe”. However, some theories believe that it is more convenient to translate the name Xiomara as “woman…


Xóchil means “flower” in Nathuatl, and metaphorically means “song”. The identification of women with nature is very common; young, bright and beautiful as flowers. This name is a song and a praise to femininity, to the delicacy and sweetness of the female gender.


Name of Hebrew origin. Variant of Susan. Brave and determined, Xuxa is not afraid of anything and from a very young age she fights with energy and determination and she comes out ahead no matter what. That attitude is not at odds, however, with a profound sense of altruism.

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