Names with Z for women are not very common, so if you want to choose an original name for your baby, in the following list of girl names you can discover very good options that start with the last letter of the alphabet. Zafira, Zelina, Zea, Zoé …, you will find long or short names but all of them are very original and with a very special meaning. Take a look at the list of girl names with letter Z that we have prepared in part babies and find the inspiration you are looking for to choose the best name for your little one.


The feminine name Zafira is an Old Testament Hebrew name (Annanies woman’s name) meaning ‘person of great value. A variant is Sapphira. The day of his festivity is November 1.


Zaida is one of the most widespread Arabic names in our culture. It means “the one that grows”. Symbolically Zaida is the one who reaches intellectual development, the one who manages to rise above the others.


The meaning of Zaira has two possible translations: “flower that bloomed” or “luminous”. However, both meanings are closely related to life, evolution, growth, and beauty, since they do.


Zarina is the Bulgarian and Russian equivalent of “empress”, it comes from the term tzar, an honorary distinction that designated the nobles and kings, also used in Rome in the form of Caesar (Cesar). Zarina is the woman “of noble stock”, the honest and illustrious.


The feminine name Zea means ‘seed’, ‘grain’ and is of Latin origin.


Zelinda is one of the variants of Sieglinde. Sieglinde is the union of the Germanic voices signs, “victory, triumph”, and lind, “shield” (metaphorically “protection”). The closest interpretation is “the protection of victory.”


Zenaida, of Greek origin, means “the daughter of Zeus”. Zeus is the main god of Greek mythology, the god of the gods, characterized by his power and supremacy. Zenaida acquires the divine characteristics: immortality, beauty, eternal youth.


Zenobia is one of the most expressive names, both for its sound and its meaning. It means “life of Zeus”, “the one who received the life of Jupiter”. Zenobio acquires by extension of meanings the divine characteristics of immortality and beauty, strength and power.


Zita is the old Tuscan way used to designate girls. It means, therefore, “the young woman, the maiden, the beautiful girl.” Over time, Zita has come to mean “newly married.”


Zoé is a name that comes from the Greek, from the term «Ζωή», which means “life”, “woman full of life” and “who brings vitality”.


Zoila is translated as “the vital one”, “the one that belongs to life”. It is a vital, cheerful, excited, and active person. Its previous etymological origin points to the concept of “being born, giving life”. San Zoilo was a Cordovan martyr at the end of the 3rd century.


Zoraida is the Arabic diminutive of Zaradat. It means “ring”. Metaphorically we can interpret it as “the woman who gives support and restraint”, is the one who offers confidence and help.


A name of Parsi origin that means “excellent, that stands out.” Dreamy and somewhat mystical, Zoraya has yearned from a young age to star in a beautiful and passionate love story. It is smart, but it disperses easily.


Name of Arabic origin that means “the plump one”. She is thorough. She likes to attract attention and feel superior. Seek prosperity and fulfillment. Loves execution, planning, and brainstorming.


Zulema, like Salomé and Selma, is a derivation of the ancient Semitic slm, “peace.” It is one of the names with a most beautiful and universal meaning. She is the peaceful, calm, stable woman: who gives serenity to those around her.


Name of Basque origin that means “resplendent”. A variant of Blanca. Fighter and determined, Zuria has a very strong personality and never wavers in defending her ideas. She has values ​​and a way of acting that makes her unique and that clash with the mentality of those around her.

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