Approximately 130 million babies born in a year throughout the world. And after birth the most tedious task that a parents’ face is what to name their baby. Girl names with meaning are available in broad categories on various websites and blogs but to find the best one suiting with the charms of your baby is a tough task for new parents. Sometimes the names are perfect and matching to the glory of your little girl, and she enjoys it through all of her life. Most of the time, other family members like a brother, sister, and grandparents also suggest multiple names that they like for the baby. Accept all the good suggestions open-heartedly from everyone but always decide the name which is precisely uncomplicated to pronounce and pleasant to speak. In every religion and ethnic group, wide varieties of beautiful names with meanings are available. So by compact effort, probably you may have a vast options list, and you can choose anyone that you like the most as a parent of a daughter.

Whatever you name your girl, it may have an intensive effect on the personality of your daughter. Keep in mind that the name of your girl should belong to value able character from history (maybe a leader or some pious figure). It ultimately levels up the confidence of your child when she will interact with the outer world. Check out our baby names for girls.

Being a father, you need be to be very careful about her likes or dislikes because, in her perception, a daughter is her father’s princess. A daughter always needs him by her side and looks toward her father when she comes to judge another man. He is a role model for her, so the father must fulfill his first responsibility in deciding an elegant name for her daughter. In many countries, the overall name of a person based on two or three titles like (first, last, in some cases middle). The comprehensive data we are sharing with you summarizes the latest and ideal collection of names, so it would be easy for you to select and go through the combination of monikers.

More Names of Baby Girl


Although, the complete and detailed list of girl names with meaning has been provided below for reference and to give you a good idea about this matter we are quoting some examples proper names with superb definition. For instance: Abigail (a father’s delight), Aberrance (mother of a multitude), Dagny (A new day started), etc.

By giving beautiful meaning name, you can always remind her about its meaning to provide her with positive vibes or hopes, and in this, you can keep her alive in harsh circumstances.