If you are looking for girl names with W, you can look among those of Anglo-Saxon, Slavic, Quechua or African origin. In this article you have a selection.

If you were asked about girl names with W , your list would probably be limited to Wendy, Wilma, Wanda, Whitney, Winona and little else. And there are not many women’s names that start with that consonant. Even less in Spanish.

However, if you are looking for girl names with W, you can look among those of Anglo-Saxon, Slavic, Quechua or African origin. We have already carried out that search and we have been left with a list of 36 names that we will show you below.


1. Wailani . Hawaiian female name. It means “heavenly water”.
2.Wakana . Of Japanese origin. It is the name of a plant.
3. Wakanda . It is a Native American name that means “the one with inner magical power”.
4.Walda . Of German origin, like many of the girls’ names with W that you will see in this list. It means “wonderful woman”.
5. Walerica . Of German origin. It is the feminine form of Walarico, which in turn comes from the union of the  words wal- , which means “battlefield”, and -ric , “powerful”.
6. Waleska. Of Slavic origin, it is the feminine form of Ladislaus. It comes from the words vladi , which means “lord”, and slava , “glory”. It means “glorious lord” or, in the case of women, “glorious lady.”
7. Valkyrie . Of Scandinavian origin. It means “the one who chooses the sacrificial victims”. Variants: Valkyrie, Valkyria or Valkyria.
8.Wan . Of Chinese origin. It means “soft”, “gentle”, “beautiful” or “pretty”.
9.Wanda . Of German origin. It comes from w and , which refers to the Vandals (one of the barbarian peoples). It means “the protector of the vandals”.
10. Wara . Of Quechua origin. It means “light”.
11. Warakusi . Of Quechua origin. It means “happy little star”.
12. Warasisa . Of Quechua origin. It means “the flower that became a star”.
13. Warayana . Of Quechua origin. It means “the star that comes from afar” or “brown star”.
14.Wasima . Of Arab origin. It means “grace” or “beauty”.
15. Wayanays i. Of Quechua origin. It means “swallow”.
16.Wayca . It is the aboriginal name for the willow tree.
17.Wayta . Another of the names of girls with W of Quechua origin that exist. It means “flower” or “feather”.
18.Wen _. Chinese female name. It means “cultured”, “refined”.
19. Wenda . Of English origin. It is a variant of Wendy.
20.Wendy Of Celtic origin, it is the diminutive of Gwendolin (Güendolina). It means “the one with the white eyelashes”. Variant: Wendi.
21. Wereburga . Of German origin. It means “the protector of the guard”.
22. Weronikia . It is the Polish form of Veronica, which means “the one who brings victory”.
23. Whitney . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “from the white island”.
24. Wilfreda . Of German origin. It comes from the union of the German  words wig- , “combat”, and -frid, “peace”. It is the feminine form of Wifredo, a variant of Vilfredo.
25.Wilda . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “wild”.
26.Wilma . It is a variant of Wilhelmina. It comes from the union of the German words vilja (will, decision) and helm (helmet, protection). Variant: Wilma.
27. Winda . Of African origin. This Swahili name means “the huntress”.
28. Winefrida . Of German origin. It means “the one who is a friend of peace”. Variant: Winifred.
29. Winona. Of Native American origin. She means “older sister” or “firstborn.” Variants: Wenona, Wenonah, Winnie, Winnona, Winoena, Winonah, Winonna, Wynnona, Wynona and Wynonna.
30. Winter . Of American origin. It literally means “winter”.
31. Waira . Of Quechua origin. It means “wind”.
32. Wulfilde . Of German origin. It means “the one who fights with the wolves”.
33.Wulmara . Of German origin. It is the feminine form of Wulmaro. It comes from wulfmar , which means “illustrious wolf”.
34. Wulstana . Of German origin. It is the feminine form of Wulstano, a variant of Vulstano. comes from wulfstan, which means “stone wolf”.
35.Wyanet . Of Native American origin. It means “pretty”.
36.Wynne . Welsh name meaning “fair” or “pure.” Variants: Win, Winne, Winnie, Winny, Wyn or Wynn.