In this article we propose a series of names for girls with Z, so that you can add to the list of names that you like for your baby.

Searching, searching, we have reached the end of the alphabet. In this article we propose a series of names for girls with Z , so that you can add to the list of names that you like for your baby.

There really aren’t many girl names with Z, but the ones that do exist are pretty cute.

Many are of Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, African, Hebrew or Russian origin, as you will see throughout this article.


  1. Zaba . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the one who offers a sacrifice to God”.
  2. Zabel . Of Armenian origin. It is the equivalent of Elizabeth, which means “God is my oath.”
  3. Zabrina . American variant for Sabrina.
  4. Zafina . Of Arabic origin, like many of the names of girls with Z that exist. It means “victorious”.
  5. Sapphire . Of Arab origin. It means “successful”. Variants: Zafir and Zafirah.
  6. Sapphire . Spanish name that refers to the precious stone. It means “beautiful as the sapphire”.
  7. Zahara . Of Arab origin. It means “flower”.
  8. Zahida . Of Arab origin. It means “the lady”.
  9. Zainab . Of Arab origin. It means “aromatic plant”. Variants: Zaynab and Zainabu.
  10. Zayra . Of Arab origin. It means “flowery”, “fruitful”. Variants: Zajira, Zahira, Zajara, Zahra, Zaahira, Zaara, Zahyr or Zayra.
  11. Zakira . Of Hebrew origin. It means “memories of God”.
  12. Zana . Of Persian origin. It means “woman”. Variant: Zena.
  13. Zanns . Of Polish origin. It means “gracious gift from God”.
  14. Zara . Two possible origins are attributed to it. As an Arabic name it would derive from Zahara and Azahara, which means “flower”, “flourishing”. If its Hebrew origin is taken into account, it would come from the word zeraj , which means “radiant”, “brightness” or “full of light”.
  15. Zaria . Of Russian origin. It means “sunrise”. Variant: Zarya.
  16. Zarifa . Of Arab origin. It means “success”.
  17. Czarina . Another of the names of girls with Z of Russian origin. It means “empress”.
  18. Zenaida . Of Greek origin. It means “white dove”.
  19. Zenda . Of Persian origin. It means “sacred”.
  20. Zenobia . Of Arab origin. It means “proud of her father”.
  21. Zerline . Of Latin origin. It means “beautiful sunrise”.
  22. Zetta . Portuguese female name. It means “rose”.
  23. Zhen . Of Chinese origin. It means “precious”.
  24. Zhenya . Russian name for Eugenia. It means “noble”, “of good birth”.
  25. Zhou . Of Chinese origin. It means “intelligent”.
  26. Zidanelia . Of Greek origin. It means “bluish flower”.
  27. Zigana . Of Hungarian origin. It means “gypsy girl”.
  28. Zine . Of African origin. It means “the secret of the spirit”.
  29. Zinnia . Of Latin origin. It means “colorful flower”.
  30. Zita . Of Persian origin. It means “empress”.
  31. Ziva . Of Hebrew origin. It means “radiant”.
  32. Zoa . Of Greek origin. It comes from zoe , which means “life”.
  33. Zoe . Unisex name of Greek origin. It means “life”. Variants: Soe, Soee, Soia, Soiah, Zoa, Zoah, Zoee, Zoey, Zoela, Zoeta, Zoi, Zoia, Zoiah, Zolid, Zolita, Zoy, Zoya, Zoyah, Zoye, Zowie, Zoie, Zoila, Zoyla, Ziva, Zyva and Zoe.
  34. Zola . Of Italian origin. It means “piece of land”. Variants: Izola, Zoela and Zolia.
  35. Zora . Of Slavic origin. It means “dawn”.
  36. Zoraida . Of Arab origin. It comes from Zaradat , which means “the one who gives support”. Variant: Zaraida.
  37. ZsaZsa . Of Hungarian origin. It is a variant of Isabel, which means “God is my oath”.
  38. Zuleika . Of Arab origin. It means “beautiful woman”. Variant: Zuleica, Zulaica, Zuley, Zuleyca and Zuleyka.
  39. Zulema . Of Hebrew origin. It comes from the word slm , which means “peace”. Variant. Zuleyma.
  40. Zully . Of Arab origin. It is the diminutive of Zulema (peace).
  41. Zulma . Of Arab origin. She means “healthy and vigorous woman”.
  42. Zulmara . Spanish name meaning “vigorous woman.”
  43. Zuri . It has various origins. In Basque it means “white”; in Swahili it means “pretty”; in French, it acquires the meaning of “enchantress” and in Indian it would be “princess”. Variant: Zury.
  44. Zurine . Name of Basque origin. It means “light-skinned”.
  45. Zurisaday . Arabic female name. It means “on earth”.