We continue with our series of articles with baby names to help you choose the one you like best. Today we will review the names of girls with P.

You are expecting a baby, you know it is a girl, but you have not yet chosen the name. Normally, with the amount of names that there are to choose from, the decision is not easy. To help you, at Madre Activa we are preparing a series of articles with baby names. This one is dedicated to girl names with P.


1. Patience . Of Latin origin, like many of the names of girls with P that you will see in this list. It means “tolerant”.
2. Palmyra . Of Latin origin. It can mean “palm leaf” or “that which comes from the city of palms”.
3. Pigeon . Of Latin origin. It comes from palumbes, palumba . It means “peace” (alluding to the dove of peace).
4.Pamela . The first of the many names of girls with P of Greek origin that we propose in this article. It means “the entirely sweet”.
5. Pandora . Of Greek origin. It means “the one with the gifts”.
6. Paula. Of Latin origin. It means “small”.
7. Paris . Of Greek origin. Its etymology is not very clear, but it is the name of the son of the King of Troy, a character known for kidnapping Helen and causing the Trojan War.
8. Pasquale . Of Latin origin. It comes from paschalis , “relating to Easter.”
9. Paula . Of Latin origin. It comes from paulus , which means “small”, “weak”. Variant: Pauline.
10. Pasha . Of Russian origin. It means “born on Good Friday”.
11. Shepherdess . Of Latin origin. It comes from pastoris , which can mean “guardian” or “one who guides”.
12.Patricia . Of Latin origin. It comes from patricius . It means “noble and free woman”.
13. Peace . Girl’s name of Latin origin. It comes from pace . It means “peace”.
14.Peggy . Of English origin. It means “that adorns with pearls”.
15. Pelaya . It is the feminine form of Pelayo, King of Asturias. This name is of Greek origin. It comes from pelagius , which means “the one who has the will to choose”.
16. Penelope . Of Greek origin. It comes from the union of the words pénion and lópe, which mean “thread”, “garment”. Therefore, its meaning could be something like “the one who weaves a dress or cloak”.
17. Crag . Name that comes from Our Lady of the Rock.
18. Peppa . It is the diminutive of Josefa, a woman’s name of Hebrew origin. It is the feminine form of José, which means “may Yahweh add”.
19. Perfect . Of Latin origin, it is the feminine form of Perfecto.
20. Pearl . Of Latin origin. It means “exquisite”.
21. Perpetual . Of Latin origin. It means “of unchanging faith.”
22.Petra . Of Latin origin. It means “firm as a rock”.
23. Petronilla. Of Greek origin. It means “stone”.
24. Petunias . Its origin is found in the Native Americans. It means “flower”.
25. Pia . Spanish name meaning “pious.” It is the feminine form of Pio.
26. Piety Of Latin origin. It comes from pietas , which means “sense of duty.”
27. Pier . Of Italian origin. It means “solid rock”.
28. Pillar . Spanish female name. It comes from stack , whose meaning is “stack” or “column”.
29. Placid . Of Latin origin. It means “quiet”. It is the feminine form of Placido.
30.Pocahontas . It comes from the Native Americans. It means “she is playful”.
31. Pola . Of Latin origin, it is the feminine form of Pol which, in turn, is an ancient variant of Pablo.
32. Poland . Of Greek origin. It’s the apheresis of Apollonius.
33. Portya . Of Latin origin. It means “an offer”.
34. Spring . Of Latin origin. It means “flowering”.
35. Princess . Name of a woman of Latin origin that means “first”, “sovereign”.
36. Priscilla . Of Greek origin. It comes from priscus , which means “ancient”, “venerable”.
37. Priyanka. Of Hindu origin. It means “kind” or “beautiful symbol”.
38. Prudence . Of Latin origin. It means “in good judgment”.
39. Pure . Girl’s name that begins with the letter P of Latin origin. It means “the one without stain”.
40. Purification . Of Greek origin. It comes from pyr, whose meaning is “fire”.
41. Puy . It refers to Our Lady of Puy, venerated in Aragon and Navarra.