Looking for girl names with T? In this article we propose 40, from the most classic to the most original.

Tatiana, Tania, Teresa, Tina, Trini… Are you expecting a girl and you like girl names with T ?

In this article we propose some, from the most classic to the most original. Its origins are very diverse: Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Native American, Nahuatl, Quechua, Japanese, Irish…


1. Tabatha . Of Greek origin, like many of the names of girls with T that exist. It means “fragile”.
2. Tabitha . One of the few girls names with T of Aramaic origin. It means “gazelle”. Variants: Variants: Tabata, Tabitha, Tabbee, Tabbey, Tabbi, Tabbie, Tabbitha, Tabby, Tabatha, Tabetha, Tabita, Tabotha and Tabytha.
4. Tatiana . Of Latin origin. It comes from Tatianus or Taciano , patronymic of Tatius. It means “what is related to Tacio”.
5. Thaddea . Of Latin origin. It means “the one who praises”, “the one who confesses”.
6. Thalia . It comes from the verb tállo, “to flourish”. Therefore, it means “the flourishing one”.
7. Tamae . Of Japanese origin. It means “ball or bell”.
8. Tamara . The first of the many names of girls with T of Hebrew origin that we will see in this selection. It comes from the word thamar , which means “date palm tree”.
9. Tamiko . Japanese female name. It means “extraordinary girl”.
10. Tanya . One of Tatiana’s hypocoristics. It comes from Tatianus .
11. Ta . Of Chinese origin. It means “peach” (it is associated with a long life).
12. Tatiana . Russian form of Latin Taciana. It comes from the Latin Tatius.
14.Tayce _. Of French origin. It means “silence”.
15.Taylor . Unisex name of English origin. It means “tailor”. Variants: Tayler, Tahlor, Tailor and Tyler.
16. Tea . Abbreviation for Dorotea in Italian. It is made up of the voices doron , which means “gift”, and Deós , “God”. Its meaning would be something like “given by God”.
17. key . Of Greek origin. It is the combination of the words theos , “god”, and kléos , “glory”. It means “the glory of God.
18. Theodora . Of Greek origin. It means “the gift of God”.
19. Theophilus. Name of a woman formed by the Greek words Theós , “God”, and fílos , “friend”. It means “the friend, the companion of God”.
20. Third . Of Latin origin. She means “the third”.
21. Theresa . Of Greek origin. She comes from Therasia, the name of an island located near Crete.
22. Thais . Of Latin origin. It means “She who remains beautiful for many years”.
23. Thalia : Of Greek origin. She means “grace of nature” or “fertile”.
24. Thea . Of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Tea, Tía or Teia was the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems with her brilliance and value.
25.Thelma . Anglo-Saxon name of Greek origin. She comes from Thelema , which means “will”.
26. Tiara . Of Latin origin. It means “tiara, headdress”. Variants: Tiare, Teara, Tiairra, Tiarah or Tiarra.
27. Titian . Name of Latin origin. It comes from Titianus , which means “the great and strong one”.
28.Tiffany . Name of Greek origin. It means “revelation of God”. It has a lot of Variants: Theophania, Tiffiny, Tiphanie, Tiffani, Tifara, Tifennie, Tiffaney, Tiffanie, Tiffeny, Tiffenie, Tiffie, Tiffney, Tiffy, Tiphara, Tiphenie, Tipheny, Tyffany or Tyffenie.
29. Tub. Diminutive of Albertine. It means “the radiance of the noble lineage”.
30. Throw . Girl’s name that begins with the letter T of Hindu origin. It means “arrow”.
31.Tirza . Biblical name. It means “pleasure, delight”. Variants: Thirza, Tirzah and Tirsa.
32. Thisbe . Of mythological origin.
33. Thomas . Of Greek origin. It comes from the nickname tidimos . It means “the twin”, “the twin”.
34.Topanga . Of Native American origin. It means “elevated place where the mountains meet the sea”.
35. Transit . Of Latin origin. comes from transit, which means “passage, passage, transit”.
36. Triphony . Of Greek origin, it is the feminine form of Tryphon. It means “sumptuousness, license, delicacy”.
37. Trinity . Mystical name that alludes to the Holy Trinity.
38.Trisha . Of Hindu origin. It means “thirst”. It can also be a variant of Patricia, a name of Latin origin whose meaning is “noble”.
39. Tula . Of Germanic origin, it is the hypocoristic of Gertrudis, a name formed by the words ger , which means “lance”, and trut , “faithful, valuable”. Variant. Tulle.
40. Tullia. Of Latin origin, it was the name of a Roman family. It means “belonging to Tullus or Tulo”.