Girls names with T: origin and meaning

Looking for girl names with T? In this article we propose 40, from the most classic to the most original.

Tatiana, Tania, Teresa, Tina, Trini… Are you expecting a girl and you like girl names with T ?

In this article we propose some, from the most classic to the most original. Its origins are very diverse: Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Native American, Nahuatl, Quechua, Japanese, Irish…


1. Tabatha . Of Greek origin, like many of the names of girls with T that exist. It means “fragile”.
2. Tabitha . One of the few girls names with T of Aramaic origin. It means “gazelle”. Variants: Variants: Tabata, Tabitha, Tabbee, Tabbey, Tabbi, Tabbie, Tabbitha, Tabby, Tabatha, Tabetha, Tabita, Tabotha and Tabytha.
4. Tatiana . Of Latin origin. It comes from Tatianus or Taciano , patronymic of Tatius. It means “what is related to Tacio”.
5. Thaddea . Of Latin origin. It means “the one who praises”, “the one who confesses”.
6. Thalia . It comes from the verb tállo, “to flourish”. Therefore, it means “the flourishing one”.
7. Tamae . Of Japanese origin. It means “ball or bell”.
8. Tamara . The first of the many names of girls with T of Hebrew origin that we will see in this selection. It comes from the word thamar , which means “date palm tree”.
9. Tamiko . Japanese female name. It means “extraordinary girl”.
10. Tanya . One of Tatiana’s hypocoristics. It comes from Tatianus .
11. Ta . Of Chinese origin. It means “peach” (it is associated with a long life).
12. Tatiana . Russian form of Latin Taciana. It comes from the Latin Tatius.
14.Tayce _. Of French origin. It means “silence”.
15.Taylor . Unisex name of English origin. It means “tailor”. Variants: Tayler, Tahlor, Tailor and Tyler.
16. Tea . Abbreviation for Dorotea in Italian. It is made up of the voices doron , which means “gift”, and Deós , “God”. Its meaning would be something like “given by God”.
17. key . Of Greek origin. It is the combination of the words theos , “god”, and kléos , “glory”. It means “the glory of God.
18. Theodora . Of Greek origin. It means “the gift of God”.
19. Theophilus. Name of a woman formed by the Greek words Theós , “God”, and fílos , “friend”. It means “the friend, the companion of God”.
20. Third . Of Latin origin. She means “the third”.
21. Theresa . Of Greek origin. She comes from Therasia, the name of an island located near Crete.
22. Thais . Of Latin origin. It means “She who remains beautiful for many years”.
23. Thalia : Of Greek origin. She means “grace of nature” or “fertile”.
24. Thea . Of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Tea, Tía or Teia was the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems with her brilliance and value.
25.Thelma . Anglo-Saxon name of Greek origin. She comes from Thelema , which means “will”.
26. Tiara . Of Latin origin. It means “tiara, headdress”. Variants: Tiare, Teara, Tiairra, Tiarah or Tiarra.
27. Titian . Name of Latin origin. It comes from Titianus , which means “the great and strong one”.
28.Tiffany . Name of Greek origin. It means “revelation of God”. It has a lot of Variants: Theophania, Tiffiny, Tiphanie, Tiffani, Tifara, Tifennie, Tiffaney, Tiffanie, Tiffeny, Tiffenie, Tiffie, Tiffney, Tiffy, Tiphara, Tiphenie, Tipheny, Tyffany or Tyffenie.
29. Tub. Diminutive of Albertine. It means “the radiance of the noble lineage”.
30. Throw . Girl’s name that begins with the letter T of Hindu origin. It means “arrow”.
31.Tirza . Biblical name. It means “pleasure, delight”. Variants: Thirza, Tirzah and Tirsa.
32. Thisbe . Of mythological origin.
33. Thomas . Of Greek origin. It comes from the nickname tidimos . It means “the twin”, “the twin”.
34.Topanga . Of Native American origin. It means “elevated place where the mountains meet the sea”.
35. Transit . Of Latin origin. comes from transit, which means “passage, passage, transit”.
36. Triphony . Of Greek origin, it is the feminine form of Tryphon. It means “sumptuousness, license, delicacy”.
37. Trinity . Mystical name that alludes to the Holy Trinity.
38.Trisha . Of Hindu origin. It means “thirst”. It can also be a variant of Patricia, a name of Latin origin whose meaning is “noble”.
39. Tula . Of Germanic origin, it is the hypocoristic of Gertrudis, a name formed by the words ger , which means “lance”, and trut , “faithful, valuable”. Variant. Tulle.
40. Tullia. Of Latin origin, it was the name of a Roman family. It means “belonging to Tullus or Tulo”.

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