The importance it should have is not given, but childhood is the most important and decisive time in people’s lives. That relevance is not always given to it and it is a big mistake, because that is when adults grow broken by a neglected childhood. It is essential that as parents we are able to give our children a happy childhood without emotional wounds.

Emotional wounds are silent wounds that cannot be seen, but they are the ones that leave the worst scars on the soul. They are difficult to heal scars and sometimes they never heal… This will generate great suffering both in the short and long term in those people who had them done in their childhood. A good mother never gives up.

The importance of a happy childhood

The human being has the ability to transform and adapt to the environment. He has the capacity for change and will always want to be better. That is why adults must take care of children and fight to make them happy… it is the only way for them to become resilient, empathic people and above all, to be happy.

Childhood includes in the life of children from the intrauterine period until approximately 12 years old, when our little ones become adolescents. As a father or mother, it is essential that you contribute to your children having a happy childhood. And yes, you can get it if you do your part, since it is a daily job.

Help your children have a happy childhood

Below we are going to give you some advice so that your children can have a happy childhood and that they grow up knowing that they are loved, understood and that they are growing up in a stable family nucleus in which they are important.

Give time and dedication

The best thing you can do for your children is to give them quality time and presence. They need to feel how they are the most important thing in your life and how your dedication to them is endless. Children grow up much sooner than you imagine, and that time will not return… childhood disappears almost without you noticing, even on those days that seem endless due to your physical and mental exhaustion.

You may think that you don’t have time, but if this is your thought, you must change your priorities right now. It is essential that you give your time to your children because they not only need quality time, they need all the time you can give them!

They require time to play with you, for you to look at them while they play, to cook for them, to read to them, to do their homework with them, to teach them things about life, to get their attention, to give them autonomy, to eat and dine with them. , to sleep, to sing, to understand their emotions, to calm an explosive cry… for everything!

Time is money and your children need this treasure in their life. They need you. There is no better investment in the lives of your children than your time in their childhood. The time you do not invest in the childhood of your young children, in adolescence will be very expensive.

teach them to live

They have to learn to live, to do it well, to take care of their health. Learn to be responsible with themselves and with others. To know how to take care of their environment, to eat well, to sleep properly, to be active people, to maintain good hygiene in all senses, to study…

They must be taught to live and to do so with enthusiasm. To realize that life is a gift of nature and that every day is wonderful. You don’t have to breathe to survive, you don’t have to spend your days thinking about how bad things are happening or the negative things that can happen to us.

Teach them to live seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. Let them know that they are capable of achieving what they set out to do… because there is nothing stronger than our own thoughts about life.

Let them play and make noise

A child who plays and makes noise is a happy and healthy child. Give your children play opportunities of any kind: with water, with land, with materials… allow their body and mind to move in unison, to learn by playing, to laugh while jumping… life must be lived and playing is the best way to savor it!

Teach them board games, enjoy cooking with your children, painting, riding a bike, playing in nature, singing… you have to have fun as a family! Because those will be the best memories that they keep in their hearts.

Take care of good communication

To take care of good communication it is important that you listen to them even if they do not tell you anything specific, that you talk to them. It is essential that your children feel heard and understood at all times. To do this , show real interest in what they tell you, in what happens to them… that they see in you the most sincere empathy towards them.

When your child talks to you, stop and listen to what he has to say. If you’re doing something, gently tell him that when you’re done you’ll listen to him. And then do it. Tell him that you are ready to listen to everything he has to tell you and activate all your senses to do so.

accept your child

The greatest sign of love that you can offer your children so that they have a happy childhood and you can avoid emotional wounds is: accept them as they are. Love him unconditionally since this is the basis of his self-esteem. You shouldn’t make him feel ashamed of his body, or his weight, or how he looks in certain clothes.

You must give him confidence from a very young age to avoid emotional wounds that can even lead to disorders. For example, when a boy (or girl) does not feel good about her body and in the safety of the home she does not feel accepted because they call her “fat” she could end up suffering from an eating disorder.

Your children do not need expensive gifts, nor do you need to spend the day working to offer them those material things. They need your time, your hugs, your kisses, your good words, your unconditional love… everything you can offer them without judgment and with total acceptance. Thus, you can build them a happy childhood.