A baby comes to the family and you still don’t know what name you could give him? If you have come this far, it is probably because certain names with mystical origins have somehow caught your attention. This list presents you with the meaning of the Greek names that have been protagonists of certain deities and heroic characters in Greek history. Choose the best baby names for girls.

They usually have meanings related to divine aspects and the odd symbolism that recall certain events that have marked the times over the decades. Each name has an interesting history, and so that you can choose the best name, we include the meaning of the Greek names.

Although Greek names come from ancient times, we present a compilation of modern names that can be a nice option and also the explanation of the etymology of each of them.

Greek names for girls and their meaning

Greek names for girls usually include several positive qualities in their meaning and that in many cases are related to characters that made history.


Also Aghata or Agatha. Name of Greek origin that means “ the kind one ”.


Arianda, Ariandne, Ariagna, Ari . Greek name that represents ” the one who helps “.


Diminutive Callie . Significant of “ beauty ”.


Name of Greek origin meaning ” pure “.


Also Corinne , Corina or Corissa. Of Greek origin meaning ” kind of heart” .


Also Daphnee. It means “ crowned with laurels ”.


Also Helenanna or Helen. Greek name meaning ” the enlightened one “.


Idalia too . It means “ I have seen the sun ”.


Xandra variant . Of Greek origin meaning ” protector “.


Name of Greek origin that means ” the wise one “.

Greek names for boys and their meaning

Greek names for boys are generally in honor of great historical figures and extol characteristics of these characters. Let’s see some.


Variant of Alexander or Alec. Its meaning is ” the great leader ” or ” the winner “.


Close to Alex and Alexander. Of Greek origin meaning ” the defender “.


Variant of Andrés, Andrea or Andréu. It means ” of great strength “.


Also Demi. Name of Greek origin that means ” the one who dominates “.


Variant of Denny or Denis. Name of Greek origin in honor of the god Dionysus, meaning ” the adored one “.


Greek name meaning ” the loyal one “.


Name of Greek origin that means ” the one who is remembered “.


Also Paulo or Paulino. Greek name meaning ” humble one “.


Diminutive Tad. It means ” brave heart “.


Also Zander. It means “defender” or “ the brave one ”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Agate They have great influence on their social environment. They have a strong character, they care about humanitarian feelings. Interested in nature and the calm environment that allows them tranquility.
Ariadne They are the center of relationships. His mentality generates respect among others and unintentionally benefits his own. They are realistic and essential personality. They make themselves felt with their presence.
calliope Of pure personality and in certain cases innocent. They usually express what they feel and think without hurting feelings. Highly intelligent and capable of being mediators between conflicts. Positive aspects for sentimental life.
Katherine Great ability to communicate with others and influence their behavior. Their quick thinking helps them easily understand social relationships. They know how to please and are generally ambitious and successful.
Corinne Agile mindset and scientific thinking. They have sensitivity and are characterized by their honesty and generosity. They are usually the one who takes the first step in different situations.
Daphne Of great beauty and usually cause admiration for their actions. They are faithful to their principles and are unconditional friends. Courageous and are not afraid of adversity. They tend to make rational decisions and protect or help those close to them.
Helen Of great enthusiasm and originality. Their mentality is impulsive and they take risks. Their rational decisions are also charged with great intuition. Ability to concentrate and perseverance.
idahalia Adorable and cheerful. They have a great capacity to take on large projects or challenges that amaze others. Dreamers and retailers. Creative, determined and hard-working, they don’t stop until they achieve the goals they want.
sandra They have great analytical skills and great intellect. Strong and passionate, they are usually very sure of themselves and are trustworthy people. Sociable, they know when to persuade and resolve conflicts.
Sofia Intelligence and leadership. Their originality and creative capacity always leads them to innovate. They quickly stand out among others. They are also sensitive to others and are often rebellious. They like to choose their own path.
Alex Great interest in adventures. They tend to easily find followers for their projects. They are not usually afraid of changes and seek to generate them. Brave and impulsive.
alexis Determined and with great sensitivity in their actions. They are honest and close to their family. They easily gain the trust of others and do not seek public recognition.
Andreas They tend to have great empathy and the ability to cope with adversity. Comprehensive and friendly with others. Its strength lies in the ability to mobilize and generate change. They have great dynamism.
Damien Leaders and nice. Intuitive, they express their disagreements and grasp social situations with ease. Sometimes they are stubborn and tend to exaggerate situations.
Dennis Of little frugal mentality, they are interested in comforts and material goods. Great facility to make various friendships and fight for what they consider sacred in their lives.
Hector They are usually frank, honest and patient people. Of firm principles and act with great maturity and insight depending on the situation. With ease to express themselves, their thoughts are logical and they are interested in metaphysical postulates.
Nestor Of great prudence and act with wisdom, they usually give good advice. They have the ability to adapt and emerge triumphant from difficult situations. They are sometimes idealistic and enjoy family life and friendships.
Paulos They are not lovers of mediocrity and can carry out several projects at the same time. They are demanding with themselves without demanding attention. They do not need the approval of others to celebrate their own achievements.
Thaddeus They act with impetus in any situation. They tend to like everything that seems like a challenge, they are defiant and are able to differ between reality with great mental acuity. Delicate, passionate and usually accompanied by luck.
Xander They have great initiative and inventiveness to solve problems. Agile and face situations, they do not like to evade or hypocrisy. They can become a great leader and easily bond with other people.