A very peculiar reptile

Did you know that the green iguana is not only green? Interestingly, these amazing creatures can also be blue-grey, brown, and even orange.

Iguanas belong to the group of reptiles and are generally found in North America, Central America, South America and some parts of the Caribbean.

They are arboreal, which means that they spend much of their time in fruit trees. Likewise, they are herbivores since their diet consists of the leaves, flowers and fruits of the trees they inhabit. Interestingly, iguanas recharge their energy by lying down directly under the sun’s rays.

Iguanas have spines along their backs that protect them from predators. Their long tails that correspond to more than half the length of their bodies. Likewise, they have a dewlap that serves to regulate their temperature and a third eye on their heads, behind their necks, with which they can detect movement and escape from predators such as snakes or owls. Thanks to the sharp claws on their feet, green iguanas can climb trees.

Fun facts

  • Thanks to their muscular tails which move from side to side, green iguanas are excellent swimmers.
  • They can measure more than 1.50 meters in length and weigh around eight kilograms when they reach adulthood.
  • Their tails have spines, which allow them to deliver very painful blows when defending themselves. Likewise, if they are attacked, they can detach their tails, but this is not a problem, since they grow another one!
  • The females lay between 20 and 70 eggs, which are laid in burrows or holes under the ground.
  • They communicate with other iguanas through their body posture, eyes, and tail.