Huge fish with powerful jaws

The grouper is a robust fish, which is also known as grouper. It is characterized by its tremendous body, large head, globular eyes, and large jaws. Since they do not swim long distances, they are usually found in rocky areas of tropical and temperate waters.

Almost always the size of these fish is about 1.5 m long and they can weigh up to 40 kg. Although groupers of up to 2 m and more than 200 kg have been found. Due to its large size and good flavor, its meat is frequently used in cooking and is served fresh in coastal towns.

Fun facts

  • The grouper is a solitary fish, always looking for places with holes and caves where it can hide. It is very rare to see it in groups with other fish.
  • Its jaws are strong, and it has a complex suction system that allows it to suck its prey out of hiding places and swallow it without biting.
  • They also use their powerful muscles to anchor themselves in the hole where they are and prevent being held by a predator.
  • To feed, they look for animals such as: octopuses, smaller fish and crustaceans.
  • All groupers are born as females, over the years (10 to 12 years) they become males.
  • The male has about 15 females for himself, but if he is missing, one of the females becomes a male to take care of the rest.
  • It is a fish that is frequently caught for consumption. Fishing is done at a fairly deep depth and the animal offers a lot of resistance.
  • Although its meat is very tasty, it is dangerous to eat it without following the required sanitary measures, since this fish accumulates toxic substances in its body and there is a risk of food poisoning.
  • We find these fish in the warm, rocky waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.