If you are a father or mother, it is more than likely that you have ever raised your voice or yelled at the top of your lungs when you have been overwhelmed by the different parenting circumstances in your day to day life. Yelling regularly is wrong and requires treatment as it would mean a significant emotional imbalance, but doing it in a timely manner at a somewhat critical moment is totally human.

We all know that yelling is not the best solution to parenting problems, in fact, if you often yell at your children, you’d better learn to control that expression of anger because you have inadequate emotional management. Your children do not deserve your yelling, they do not deserve to grow up in an environment where hostility reigns… and you do not deserve to always be on the defensive and with anger lurking in your mind.

The response of an 8 year old

The sentence that titles this article is a witty response from an 8-year-old boy in a class exercise. The exercise was a natural science worksheet from school and they had to talk about ways to avoid noise.

The boy’s mother posted her son’s response on Twitter with a photo of the file, even though it didn’t look good on her. But, in a short time it became viral since the ingenuity of his 8-year-old boy has no limits.

It is wonderful how limitless the imagination of children is, but in this case, what prevailed was the sincerity that the little one had when faced with the question on the card. We don’t know if he wrote it as something that went through his head quickly or if it was something he thought about or meditated on, but we can’t deny that his sincerity makes more than one of us smile.

Without a doubt, the boy let his creativity flow in his mind so that he could write what he really felt would decrease the noise in his home. In his mind he would think that if he has things in order at home, the noise would decrease because his mother would stop yelling at him.

Undoubtedly, we are facing an original response from an 8-year-old boy in front of homework and that went viral in networks in a short time. In fact, the mother is the journalist Erica Rivera, and maybe that’s why it went viral even faster… or not. Maybe it went viral because it’s just so clever.

In fact, that mother did not mind showing that weakness of hers to the world, because it certainly is not, it is a reality that many fathers and mothers live every day and they should not feel ashamed of it.

The exercise sheet

In the tab we find the following structure:

– Exercise:

Mark the measures that serve to reduce or avoid noise and write down one more measure.

– Options:

  • Listening to loud music at home
  • Chillar
  • close with a slam
  • Speak without yelling or yelling
  • Watch TV at the right volume

The child does the first part of the exercise very well and the wonderful thing comes when he has to explain his own annotation as a measure, which is when he writes: “Keep things in order to avoid my mother’s screams” .

We cannot deny her grace and that the mother, far from feeling ashamed, wanted to show her son’s ingenuity, possibly so that many mothers and fathers would feel identified with that situation.

But leaving this funny anecdote aside, it is important not to normalize screaming in homes, because children would grow up between insecurities, fears and mistrust. And nobody wants that for their children. If you want your little ones to grow up in an emotionally balanced way, then control your screaming and take care of your emotional stability.