Time passes, ideas fly, but names always stay. The best way to make yourself unforgettable is to start with a good name, one that is flashy, ostentatious and very loud. Each name is particular and it is not only the first sign that provides identity, but also allows us to relate to others and differentiate ourselves from the rest. Hebrew names are common in all parts of the world, and there are thousands of versions and adaptations according to the cultural elements belonging to each region. However, the etymology of these classic names corresponds to a historical moment and they are the basis for other common names that are still used today.

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According to philological studies, Greek names and their meaning became popular along with Latin names and served as the basis for other types of popular names from other regions such as Italian names, Spanish names or Roman names. The Hebrew names are characterized by maintaining a transmission of the denominative elements using the names of the families or family branches to name the personal names. In addition to the fact that these types of names are usually very striking in different latitudes, their meanings are usually well known. For this reason, choosing a Hebrew name is always accurate, it never fails. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Below you will find a selected list, in which we present one by one the onomastic description of the names chosen for having a copious meaning. We invite you to review other posts such as Argentine names, Colombian names or short names, which could be of interest to you.

Hebrew names for girls and their meaning


The meaning of this name is “ the joy of the father ”.


Also Acsa. The meaning of this name is “ judge of Israel ”.


This name means “ the one that comes down from Mount Carmel ”.


The meaning of this name is “industrious”.


Its meaning is ” the one that bears the divine promise “.


It means ” the one who gives life ” or ” the source of life “.


The meaning of this name is “ the origin of everything ”.


This name means “ the foresighted one ”.


It means “ the one that comes from the Magdala area ”.


Its meaning is ” sincere friendship “.

Hebrew names for boys and their meaning


The meaning of this name is “ peace with God ”.


Its meaning is “ son of Ptolemy ”.


This name means “ the son of consolation ”.


Its meaning is ” God is my salvation “.


It means ” the dedicated one “.


Its meaning is ” sheep skin “.


The etymology of this name is “ God helps ”.


It means ” the pilgrim “.


Its meaning is “ the dragon of fire ”.


The meaning of this name is ” God brings order “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Abigail Romantic and cheerful. They even tend to stand out for being flirty and using their communication skills to impress others. He is also very intellectual, he likes reading circles and making friends.
axa They are like a spike that moves with the wind. Fast, very intelligent and know how to quickly adapt to changes and unforeseen events. They have very good capacities for expression and creativity.
Carmen Determined, bold and daring girls when they have to make an important decision. They go for everything with all the security in the world. Sometimes they can be nosy and flippant with their comments.
Deborah Their ability to adapt is impressive and they tend to be liked everywhere, despite the fact that they often appear to be shy and reserved. They are girls who are very concerned about their job performance and the impact of their decisions.
Elise They have a strong personality and are usually possessive, they mark their territory and are willing to defend it if their authority is threatened. Sociable, cheerful and like to be surrounded by people who understand their rhythm of life.
Eve Astute, dynamic and have a great persuasive force to achieve what they want. His gaze is clear and serene, they transmit calm and tranquility. Responsible and tend to take on tasks from an early age that do not correspond to them.
Genesis They like to direct and be authoritative, they are always the first to participate and they are usually the one who set the pace. They are dreamers, hopeless romantics and they like poetry. They tend to stick to conventional thoughts.
Jessica Reserved and secret. They tend to feel comfortable with people they know well and that is where they show their greatness of spirit and overwhelming personality. They have great imagination and daring.
cupcake Kind, respectful and simple. They seek to eliminate the distances between themselves and other people using their communication skills and great magnetism. They are generous and like associative movements.
Ruth Independent and have a strong temperament that makes itself felt. Intelligent and self-confident, they manage to face problematic situations with great courage. They are empathic and with great tenacity to firmly defend their family.
Absalom Helpful and willing to help those in need. They do not like to waste time on nonsense, they are always active and participating in projects. Others often find them very supportive.
Bartholomew Industrious and usually like home activities or manufacturing. They stand out for being very intelligent and careful people in the way they speak. They know the impact they have on others with their leadership skills and perseverance.
Barnabas Loyal, frank and sincere. They have their principles deeply rooted from an early age. They like to stay focused on their tasks and tend to get upset or lose their temper if they are interrupted in any way.
Elysium Workers and pay attention to details. However, when it comes to communicating they can go off the rails. They like all kinds of group and associative activities where they can make new friends.
Enoch Meticulous, analytical and very persevering in everything they do. They have a strict sense of duty and can be workaholics. They can be lonely and a bit withdrawn, but over time they will make lasting friendships.
esau They are usually sincere and tend to commit recklessness without realizing it. They have a great sense of humor and always have a big smile to give, which is why they are highly valued in social groups. Smart, resourceful and creative.
Ezra They have an idealistic mindset and a spirit of unstoppable momentum. They are bright, assertive people and easily earn the admiration of other people with dedication and perseverance in each of their actions.
Goliath They really like travel and adventures. They do not like to remain in a fixed point and sometimes they take very long turns to simple matters, just for the fascination of the moment. Kind, honest and great conciliators when needed.
Herod Instinctive and often make hasty decisions without often measuring the consequences of their actions. Influenceable and at the same time they tend to impose themselves on others to obtain personal benefits.
Jeremiah They tend to have a sincere relationship with their closest friends, but they are not known for being sociable people. In fact, they tend to be reserved and a bit unfriendly when they find themselves in a place where they feel disadvantaged.