Hemorrhoids can be very annoying. We tell you how you can prevent them and we give you some tips to alleviate them.

Piles or  hemorrhoids  are small varicose veins found in the anus canal. They appear when the veins that are located in the lower area of ​​the rectum dilate excessively, transforming into varicosities.

Initially, it should not be considered as a disease nor should a treatment be sought, since anyone can have them and not suffer from any symptoms. However, they can also cause some discomfort that will lead you to request a medical consultation.

Hemorrhoids usually appear after the age of 30, their presence being very infrequent in people below that age, and in people who are elderly.


To prevent hemorrhoids, the best thing we can do is correct the causes that make them appear:


A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and fiber will be of great importance. In addition, staying hydrated (drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day) helps to avoid constipation.

The fiber has the property of absorbing water and, therefore, increasing the volume of the stool, which appears with a softer consistency and is easier to evacuate.

Another factor to take into account is the consumption of salt, if it is high, it should be reduced, since it favors fluid retention , and as a consequence, causes a blockage in the veins.

Finally, it is recommended to reduce alcohol consumption and moderate the consumption of some foods that irritate, such as mustard, vinegar, onion, garlic, chili, fats and coffee.


It is important to avoid straining when passing stool, as well as using soft toilet paper, lukewarm baths, or wet wipes to clean the anus.

Don’t delay going to the bathroom, or sit on the toilet for a long time!


By practicing sports (it can be light) on a regular basis, such as swimming or going for a walk, we tone our muscles and activate circulation. This helps improve intestinal transit and reduces the possibility of hemorrhoids appearing.

Keep in mind that some sports such as horse riding or cycling are discouraged, as well as those that involve making great efforts, increasing pressure on the rectal area, and those that involve excessive weight bearing.

Not standing or sitting for a long time or not wearing very tight clothes are other factors to take into account when it comes to preventing hemorrhoids.


Read carefully the tips that we suggest, they will be very useful and will give you a break from the inconvenience.

  • Apply cryo-compresses to the affected area. You can buy them at any pharmacy. They will help you quickly eliminate symptoms such as itching, pain and inflammation. You can also choose to use ice.
  • Take sitz baths with lukewarm (not hot or cold) or cool water. 3 or 4 times a day for about 10 minutes.
  • Learn about oral pain relievers that help end pain.
  • Change the toilet paper for special hygienic wipes for hemorrhoids. These will hydrate the area, prevent possible infections and relieve itching.
  • Apply anti-hemorrhoidal cream to the affected area. It acts as a local analgesic, so it improves symptoms almost instantly. Using these ointments, and carrying out the rest of the advice, makes much of the uncomplicated hemorrhoids better.
  • You can use natural remedies, preparing infusions of plants, such as chamomile, calendula, burdock and horse chestnut. These favor venous circulation, so it will be positive to take sitz baths using this preparation.