How Long Do Vets Go to School?


The veterinary profession is a rewarding field dedicated to animal care and wellbeing. If you’re considering this path, you may wonder, “How long do vets go to school?” This guide will delve into the different stages of veterinary education and provide insights into the academic journey.

Undergraduate Education (4 years)

1. Pre-Veterinary Studies

Most aspiring vets pursue a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field. Learn more about suitable undergraduate courses at official university websites.

Veterinary School Education (4 years)

1. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Degree

This specialized degree prepares students for veterinary practice. Find out admission requirements and curriculum details at official veterinary school websites.

Internships and Residency (Optional, 1-4 years)

1. Specializations and Practical Experience

For those interested in specializations, additional training may be required. Visit official veterinary association websites to learn more.


1. State Licensure Examination

Veterinarians must pass a state licensure examination to practice. Detailed information can be found at official state licensing board websites.

Total Time Required

So, how long do vets go to school? Including undergraduate studies, veterinary school, and optional internships or residencies, the process generally takes 8 to 12 years.


Q: What subjects are essential for pre-veterinary studies?

A: Science subjects like biology and chemistry are essential. Check official pre-veterinary course websites.

Q: How competitive is admission to veterinary school?

A: Admission can be competitive. Learn about requirements at official veterinary school websites.

Q: Are there part-time veterinary programs available?

A: Some schools may offer part-time options. Visit official veterinary school websites for details.

Q: Can I practice as a vet without state licensure?

A: Licensure is generally required. Consult the official state licensing board websites.


Becoming a veterinarian is a multifaceted and fulfilling journey. Understanding how long vets go to school and the various stages involved can help aspiring veterinarians plan their educational paths effectively. Always consult authentic sources like universities, veterinary schools, and professional boards for precise information.