How schools have reopened in France with social distance

The coronavirus COVID-19 is causing us to rapidly change our way of seeing the world and of living in it. And schools are no exception. In Spain, educational centers are still closed, but in France, for example, they have reopened them with strong security measures, how are they doing it? Will it be the same in Spain?

After two months mired in chaos and uncertainty due to the serious health and economic crisis that we are experiencing in a large part of the world, some European countries are progressively and very slowly recovering their rhythm of life. In France, with the return to schools, we want to think that it is gradually returning to “normality” even if it is different…

Back to school in France

On May 12, one and a half million preschool and primary school students returned to school in France. The security measures you have employed have shocked the rest of the world, is that what awaits us all? We can see this reality in images thanks to the French journalist Lionel Top who immortalized him for history and has shared it on his Twitter.

The environment describes it as strange, disturbing… and it is not for less. We all yearn to get back to normal, but in reality it is a “normal” that is not “normal” at all.

COVID-19 reopening schools France social distance class COVID-19 reopening schools France social distance

Social distance as a priority

As can be seen in the images, the children maintain social distance from their classmates, the capacity in classes has been reduced and the teachers wear masks. At recess, markings have been painted on the ground for the children to have lunch in the open air or to play, alone… without contact with any other children. They play… but from afar. They don’t see it as a punishment, they are the ones who first adapt to all this.

In reality, although the children accept it, the images and that reality sadden us all. all because it is essential that children play together. Perhaps children assume this more naturally than adults, but we cannot help but have a knot in our stomach.

The images, as you can see, impact… it is sad to think that they can be repeated in our country. In Spain, they are thinking about going back to school in September with capacity reduced by half, although some autonomous communities that enter phase two could decide to go back to school before the end of the course.

It would be necessary to follow the recommendations of the AEP so that the return to school is as safe as possible, taking into account social distance, hygiene and constant surveillance by adults. Only time, and the de-escalation will tell us how everything will go, since it seems that it will be the autonomous communities themselves that will have to decide if their child population starts school at a certain time or if it is worth waiting a little longer and continuing with the online school.