Unexpected events happen every day. In this article you will discover how to choose the best accident insurance to protect yourself financially.

Everything is going well, your health is excellent and there is nothing to predict that something bad could happen. So you don’t worry about shielding yourself from possible eventualities. Until one day you suffer an accident that prevents you from working for a long period of time. What would happen to your family if you stopped receiving income? Could you manage without that money? You sure don’t even want to think about the consequences.

So that you do not have to worry about that, it is important to have insurance that protects you financially if you suffer an accident either at work or in your daily life. Below I am going to explain how to choose the best accident insurance , because this policy pays financial compensation to the insured when they suffer an incident that prevents them from returning to work temporarily, suffer permanent disability or die (in this case the money is for the beneficiaries).


Now that you know what accident insurance is for, it would be interesting if you had the necessary tools to choose the best one. I used to spend hours making comparisons until I decided to hire the one that best suited my needs and those of my family.

I am not going to say which one I hired, because each home has different peculiarities. But I am going to share with you the characteristics that I looked at to make the decision that I considered correct.


What I did was request several quotes from different insurers. Of course, I did not play it and I opted for well-known companies because I know that they have experience and that, in theory, they have the necessary solvency to make the payment of compensation.


Studies reveal that half of the people who take out insurance are guided by price. My opinion is that nobody usually gives anything away, least of all insurance companies. That’s why, when you see that a policy is much cheaper than the rest, be suspicious.

Read the coverage and compensation they offer carefully, because this is where the trick usually lies. Sometimes, to save a few euros, we later find ourselves with problems to collect. Don’t you see anything weird? So go ahead.

It can also happen that the price goes up because they are offering you coverage that you do not need . Analyze them well and discard the ones you are not going to use. This way you will be able to reduce the premium.


Continuing with the issue of coverage, these may vary depending on the company and the policies. As a general rule, the basic coverage of accident insurance is the following:

  • Payment of medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses
  • Payment of rehabilitation expenses
  • Payment of a certain amount for each day of hospitalization
  • Economic compensation in case of temporary disability, permanent disability or severe disability
  • Subsidy for part (or all) of the expenses necessary to adapt the home
  • Economic benefit to pay a person who helps the insured person to carry out their daily tasks when they are unable to carry them out
  • 24-hour access to medical and emergency services
  • Telephone service at any time of the day
  • Worldwide coverage

In addition, there are accidental death insurance . The coverage of these policies are not usually included among the basic services, but it is interesting to take them into account and ask how much it would cost us to have them. In this way, the beneficiaries designated by the insured can collect money when they die due to illness or accidents included in the contract.

How to choose the best accident insurance: Exclusions

It is very important to read the small print, because that is where the coverages that are not included are usually indicated. In this sense, you should know that, as a general rule, you will not receive any compensation in these cases: the illness/accident comes from an event that occurred before contracting the insurance; the injuries are consequences of the practice of a competitive sport or a risky activity ; the loss has been caused intentionally; treatments that have not been prescribed by a doctor; accidents that occurred during the commission of a crime or under the influence of alcohol or drugs; wars; natural disasters.

Do you know how to choose the best accident insurance?