How to create a small art corner at home

Children love to enjoy art, creativity and imagination, so it is important that they can develop their full potential whenever they want to. It does not matter how old your child is, but it is more important when they are younger, for example, from 4 years old, but as I told you, what matters above all is that this space exists, already your child is 4 or 10 years.

Children, if motivated enough, will they will love to draw and color because it is a way of being an artist and more, when they have a space to do it. You’ll need to have everything you need at your fingertips and have a place to display your creations for added enjoyment. In addition to becoming a place of entertainment, it can also be a place of emotional rest, since art calms and calms. For all this, it is important to create an art space for your children and below you will find tips to achieve it.

Give them a place for themselves

It is important that children have a place for themselves , that they can sit down and feel that it is their place of art. It can be a table in the kitchen, in the game room, in the living room or in your own bedroom, you must choose the place between the two. What matters is that your children have a desk and chair that are designated for creativity, so they will love painting and drawing even more.

It is necessary that the place for them to paint and draw is clean and spacious, this way they will have more space to create in the most comfortable way possible.

How to create a small art corner at home

Keep materials close

It is important that you keep all materials close to the children so they can pick it up whenever they need it. This will make it easier for little ones to create art on their own and become more independent. This wouldn’t work for a two year old who still wants to display their art on walls and needs more supervision, but for a four year old or older, it’s perfect.

It is necessary that the children also have the paper where they can create accessible, you can even put a large piece of paper on the wall so that they can paint directly on it or even have a corner with blackboard paint on the wall so they can paint with colored chalk, the kids love it!

Another idea for them to have everything at hand is to have cups to store all the materials, you can have one cup for colors, one for brushes, one for pencils, one for erasers, etc.

Art corner at home

Make it a colorful place

The color is fun and in Interesting for children -and adults-. Colors also encourage creativity by adding color to your d├ęcor, art supplies arrangement, and other fun details in the room that will help spark creativity and fun. In addition, the colors make the room more cheerful and transmit happiness. Be creative in the materials you provide your children and try to keep them in good condition. For example, in addition to colors you can add washi-tape, pens, cardboard tubes… this way you help them think about how to use all these materials and enhance their creativity.

Show their works

For your children it is very important that there is a place to show the art they have created, so they will feel more motivated to do it and they will be proud of their work. So that they don’t accumulate, as he creates new works, you can ask him to choose an old one to change it for a new one. You can put his works by tying a string to the wall and hanging it with clothespins.