How to deal with toxic stress in children

Since the Infant Stage we have been talking to you about toxic stress in children for two days, and it is a topic that seems very important to us, since it is overlooked too much, having such serious consequences in the lives of children, as well as in adult life. Therefore, once we have talked about what it is and the consequences it has, it is very important to know how to solve toxic stress in children so that they can live well.

Chronic stress can always be avoided with a relationship with a sensitive, stable and loving adult, this can protect the children against stress, and although the circumstances may be difficult such as the loss of a mother, the divorce of parents, the depression of one of the parents, etc. it will prevent it from becoming toxic.

The environment can be stressful for a child, and can even cause children to feel real emotional pain, but research shows that with With the support of a stable and loving adult, the physiological effects of the stress response can be smoothed out, which will minimize the risk of long-term emotional damage. Support from an adult can help a child understand things better and this is an important part of helping a child see the world as less threatening and providing a sense of power and ability to influence their environment.

Because you should never underestimate the power one person has in influencing a child’s life, don’t miss out on some ways you can prevent toxic stress in the little ones.

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The 5/1 rule

There is research that shows that from each negative interaction, 5 positive interactions are needed to be able to balance emotionally. This is what keeps us people alive. People are quicker to notice negative things that happen to us and we have a more intense response compared to positive events. Adults can build happy children with meaningful praise, giving them opportunities for success, offering them the opportunity for a sense of mastery and control, strengthening the pathways that help children feel positive emotions, deal with stress or build your confidence.

Fix Toxic Stress


Human beings are destined to connect with people . Trusting interpersonal relationships help us feel calm and build stable relationships, but sometimes people who have suffered toxic stress can create a protective barrier between people, something that could harm them. We all need hugs, we need physical contact… and children more. It is also important to be guided by emotions, and if someone does not want to connect with another person, then they must be respected.

Escape route

If the house is stressful, there needs to be some kind of temporary escape for adults and children. It would be necessary to practice a sport, a hobby,spend time with friends or with other family members that provide opportunities for the relief of the emotional and physiological effects of stress, it is a way to validate emotional and personal strengths.


We are all programmed to connect with others, so babies will try to interact with the people most important to them. For this reason, people respond with pleasure and almost instinctively to the interaction of babies with eye contact, talking or hugs that will reinforce the bond and connections in the child’s brain to strengthen him against stress chronic.

Strengthening the brain

For a child or for an adult who has been exposed to toxic stress, there will be differences in their brain. It is necessary to strengthen the brain to be able to control the effects of toxic stress. You can work on improving your diet, exercising,working on meditation or mindfulness,having emotional connections with others, etc.