How to explain to children what growth mindset is

In Stage Infantil we have talked about what the fixed mindset and the growth mindset are, both mindsets are present in our lives but we must always encourage the growth mindset in children (and also in ourselves) because it is the The only one that will make us prosper. A growth mindset will help us see the glass as half full instead of half empty, and most importantly, it will help us believe in ourselves.

A growth mindset will always drive empowerment and the ability to learn and grow . We know this to be true for a fact.Parents, teachers and any adult who is important in the life of a child or adolescent have a lot of power to guide them and make them happy through a growth mindset. > If you don’t know how to help them understand what a growth mindset is, keep reading, because it is very important that they understand what it is about.

The brain can be made stronger

You need to tell your children over and over again that the brain is capable of change. Brains can change and become more powerful. Saying this over and over again to the children in your life will make them know it’s true, believe it, and internalize that they’re capable of building that power in their head. But how can you explain to a child that the brain can be made stronger? You can try this:

“Imagine that in your brain there are billions of tiny light bulbs. There is a light bulb that can do everything, another that dances, another that does math, another light bulb that likes soccer, another light bulb that is your imagination, another that can learn science, another that likes to cook… Do you have the idea? The thing is, those bulbs only light up when you do what each one is supposed to do, so not all the bulbs will light up all the time. Some of those bulbs may even not light up at all. This is what it should be, no one is great at absolutely everything.

The nice thing about these bulbs is that the more you turn them on (by practicing the appropriate activity), the brighter they shine and the stronger they get. your brain does. The first time you try something the bulb will light up a bit, but the more you practice you will learn things and the brighter the bulb will become. Remember, not all bulbs are glowing all the time, only the ones that are on glow.

If for example you never ride a bike, the bike riding bulb will not glow at all. On the other hand, if you are going to ride on it, the first time you do it the bulb will light up a little. The more you use the bike, the brighter the bulb will become and the stronger it will illuminate. It might take a lot of practice before your bike riding bulb is as bright as brushing your teeth, but when it’s this bright, it means you’ll be just as good at riding a bike as you are at brushing your teeth.

But do you know why your teeth lightbulb is so bright? Because you brush your teeth -at least- every morning and every night. However, when it comes to riding a bike, you might fall down a few times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be good at riding it. It just means you still have to practice more to get better…because your lightbulb is still charging to light up more.

Every time you learn or practice something, you’re turning on a lightbulb and strengthening your brain. It’s just like when you exercise your body and it becomes stronger by strengthening your muscles… with learning and practice, your brain can change. You are very capable of learning things and strengthening your brain, but you can’t do it alone, you need your help. All brains can get stronger, smarter and they can be able to help you do amazing things, but they need to work to make the light bulbs shine, and you can do it if you put your mind to it, make your light bulbs shine!»