How to get your children to enjoy sports

Sport is a great way to keep fit and also if combined with a good diet you can have good health. It is well known that sport has many physical, psychological and social benefits for both children and adults.Parents bear the greatest responsibility in getting their children to like sport.

It is not really easy to keep a child constantly motivated by sports, many may have Difficulty managing your emotions, as well as those of your child. Parents see their children succeed and also fail whenever they play sports or compete. Parents are witnesses to seeing the joy and satisfaction on their children’s faces when the results are positive or the struggle and disappointment when things get more difficult.

Raising children involved in youth sports is difficult and more complicated than it seems. Emotions arise whenever there is frustration, it is necessary to work on it so that it does not become a toxic feeling that generates aversion to the sport in question. There are many parents who are committed to the fact that their children play sports, even competitive sports, even if that means a lot of sacrifice on all sides.

Be positive about sports

Being positive about sport means that in addition to being a good example of healthy sport and exercise, it is also necessary not to be aggressive in the face of competition. If you are the father or mother of a child who competes, it is You need to provide the best support for their sporting endeavors by making sure your child is happy and healthy, providing positive encouragement and never encouraging aggressiveness.

Children they need the support of their parents, they need to be guided -but not forced- to choose the sport they want to do, so they can keep it in the long term… because in addition to liking it, they feel that they are the ones who have chosen that sport, something that will make them have greater commitment.

Getting your kids to love sports

Providing your children with adequate support will allow you to give them positive feedback, even when your child is disappointed in their own performance. You should offer him love for the sport and motivate him to be able to improve his skills, this will reduce the feeling of pressure and stress. But if parents make the mistake of criticizing their child when If the child is already disappointed, they will only increase the pressure, stress and anxiety towards the sport, something that could make them abandon their passion and have self-esteem problems.

Children need the support of their parents

Children need the support of their parents to be able to move forward in sports, thanks to their influence children can have good sports experiences and possible negative influences in sports competitions are extinguished since parents they should also improve their audience participation when their children participate.

Parents should remember that they are not being judged by their children’s success, but are seeing only children who can make mistakes. er mistakes, that they can fail and that they can learn from mistakes… thanks to the guidance of their parents. The focus of the sport is on having fun and knowing that winning is not the most important thing. It is for all this that whether your child does competitive sports or not, you need to teach him to enjoy what he does, without looking so much at the results and looking inside.