How to help a child with ADHD learn multiplication tables?

In school, once children learn to add and subtract, they teach them to multiply. Multiplication is just a simple way to get large sums quickly, but it requires a good memory and a dose of reasoning. This explains why many children do not like to learn multiplication tables and even hate them. Add to this the fact that some children have difficulty concentrating and retaining information, the problem can be even more complicated.

In fact, learning multiplication tables is one of the first challenges that children with ADHD face at school, especially due to their difficulties in processing information in its entirety and focusing their attention on a single task. However, it is not an impossible task, there are some strategies that can help children with ADHD to learn the multiplication tables.

Five tricks to teach the multiplication tables to children with ADHD

1. Explain to them what multiplication is about

One of the most common mistakes parents and teachers make is to teach children the content without explaining why. However, these Explanations not only help them better understand, rather than just memorize, but also motivate them to learn. Only when children understand the usefulness of multiplication tables do they find meaning in that learning. Therefore, the first step in teaching children with ADHD tables is to explain to them that multiplication is nothing more than that the successive addition of the same number and that learning to multiply will help them do math faster.

2. Follow their pace

Children with ADHD have a different learning pace as it generally costs them a little more to assimilate the content because they are easily distracted and have difficulty making generalizations. In fact, oversaturating these children with more content than they can assimilate is completely counterproductive since not only will it be difficult for them to retain it, but they will also feel pressured and are likely to end up demotivated. Therefore, to teach them the multiplication tables it is important to arm yourself with patience and go step by step, without violating their learning pace.

adhd multiplication tables

3. Constantly motivate them

Children with ADHD tend to lose motivation and interest easily, so it is common for them to leave tasks in the middle. Therefore, it is important to keep them motivated while they learn the multiplication tables because otherwise they are likely to throw in the towel. A very effective strategy to motivate children is to teach them the tables as if it were a game. On the Internet you can find many ideas for games to learn or practice multiplication tables, such as: card game with multiplication tables. Also, don’t forget to praise progress so they stay motivated.

4. Encourage them to practice

Multiplication is not only logical, it also requires a good dose of practice, thanks to which children will be able to better retain the multiplication tables. The interesting thing is that any place and time can be good to practice, even away from home. Shopping at the supermarket or eating at a restaurant can become an opportunity for children to practice tables and understand the practical importance of mastering this skill.

5. Avoid distractions

Children with ADHD take longer than other children their age to assimilate content and it is more difficult for them to retain it. Therefore, a good strategy to help them focus their attention on the multiplication tables is to avoid possible distractions. Ideally, they should study in a quiet room, without noise, and in an organized and clean space. , away from your toys and entertainment.