How to improve good behavior in children

When you start to improve self-control in children, good behavior appears almost automatically, but sometimes you have to take into account a series of tips so that good behavior is established in children’s behavior. If you want to encourage good behavior in your children, then don’t hesitate and keep reading because when you put it into practice, you’ll realize how little by little, you’ll get better results at home.

Establish responsibilities

All children love to have fun and have a good time, it is the normal. But sometimes you have to get the hard things done in the first place to encourage good behavior and self-control. For this, it is necessary for children to be able to put those things that they enjoy on hold until they finish doing the task they have been assigned.

That is why it is very important have responsibilities at home. They must understand that they always have responsibilities that they must fulfill and that when they fulfill them they will have positive consequences in their lives and if not, they will surely have negative ones.

Establish the limits

The limits they offer the opportunity to learn to self-regulate and to think about what is the good behavior that they should carry out. If there are no limits, it is almost impossible for children to know what they need to do in order to regulate their behavior, because they will not know when to ‘press the self-control button’. For this reason, so that children feel safer and know how they should act at all times, they must know where the limits are and what they must do to comply with them.

Teach them to get distracted

It is important that parents can provide opportunities for their children to practice strategies for when they must wait somewhere. Children tend to think more about what they want because they like the shape… than about what it makes them feel. Good behavior when they have to wait has to do with this because while waiting, they must learn to think creatively to wait without impatience taking over. For example, if you’re baking cookies, while they’re in the oven you can go water the garden to make the time go by faster.

Good behavior children

Promote good self-awareness

The greater conscience is the one that one has, and when one realizes that one has it, the better the behavior can be. In this sense, it is necessary to help children to understand things so that they are aware of what is happening around them and of the things they do themselves. They can explore what happens just before they make impulsive decisions. Are they tired or stressed? They are hungry? Are they bored or anxious?The greatest awareness they have is that they must know that they are the ones who can improve their behavior despite feeling bad, but to do so, they must first understand what is happening to them.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is necessary for both adults and children because it strengthens the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain involved in problem solving , planning and helping to resist impulses. All of which are an important part of improving behavior and controlling mindfulness, to achieve this you need to have a good ability to let thoughts and feelings come and go without acting on them, just understanding what happens to us.

It is necessary to remember that children are children and it is normal that from time to time they feel frustrated or act impulsively. Behavior improvement is achieved over time and there is no rush for them to become experts. It is something that is achieved with reinforcement.