Our children’s birthday is always a very special occasion, and as parents we seek the best way to celebrate them and make them feel loved and happy that day. There are many things we can do, from the typical birthday party or a homemade cake , to giving them some personalized detail that has some emotional meaning for them.

If in addition to what we have already planned, we want to add a fun touch, hand in hand with Netflix we can do it. We tell you how you can get the characters of various Netflix children’s series to dedicate a special message to your child on his birthday.

Birthday greeting on Netflix

Use the ‘Search’ option

Finding these videos is actually very simple and something that will take us only two steps , but it will undoubtedly make children happy, especially if it is one of the characters from their favorite show.

Within the platform, we will have to write the word ‘birthday’ in the search option and Netflix will give us a complete list with all the congratulations that it has available in its catalog for children.

Currently, the catalog of Spain contains 13 congratulations, while in Latin America we have 11 available:

  • ‘ Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug ‘
  • ‘Barbie’
  • ‘Troll Hunters’
  • ‘Madagascar’
  • ‘ Luna Petunia ‘
  • ‘Beat Bugs’
  • ‘Project MC2’
  • ‘Dinotrux’
  • ‘ Word Party ‘ (titled ‘Fabulous Vocabulary’ in Latin America)
  • ‘Skylanders’
  • ‘ The Legends ‘
  • ‘ Pokémon ‘ (not available in Latin America)
  • ‘ Little Pony ‘ (not available in Latin America)

Each of the greetings presents the main character or characters of the series, who dedicate a message to the children and sing the ‘happy birthday’ in a cheerful video that lasts between one and three minutes.