How to teach children to connect with others

Connecting with others is very important, especially outside the digital world. Today’s teenagers are learning to maintain relationships and meet people from behind a screen, something that is undoubtedly killing the nature of the human being in terms of connection with others. The time has come for parents to become aware of this and teach their children to connect with others, having the screen off.

The reality is that we live in a digital world, although the digital age and the world of social media have given us great opportunities, it also means less opportunity to connect with others face to face. We send emails, shop online, fall in love and maintain friendships online. It is important that parents become aware and teach their children another type of connection, the one that does not pass through Wi-Fi.

Children learn by observing

Children learn by observing and taking in the information around them, as well as the actions of adults. They will experience the way of doing and seeing things by trial and error… just like their parents do too. The more you focus on teaching social skills and can encourage their ability to connect with the world, the more they will experiment and feel safe and confident. In addition you will have to be a good example of communication with others, not only through the screen.

Parents cannot make friends for them, but we can teach them social skills that will help them do it for themselves. Children are self-centered beings and this is important for their development, they need to know their place in the world. But children have to become outwardly aware of themselves and aware of the world and the people around them.

As with any behavior, the way healthier is to allow freedom of movement and be flexible with them. We do not always want our children to connect with others – not all relationships and friendships are good for them and it is important that they are able to recognize and act on this. At the same time, however, they may be able to create good friendships for themselves. A healthy life is knowing how to make a difference and learning to respond to the demands of the world.

Social skills

As parents , you have the opportunity and the obligation to teach them how to connect with the real world, leaving aside the virtual world, which although it is good to know, social interactions -in person- are much more important.

Enjoy the difference

Teach your children to di Enjoy the difference and not just tolerate it. It’s easy to connect with like-minded people, but sometimes the people who have the greatest ability to open our minds often have very different experiences and worldviews that we don’t know. Not only should differences be tolerated, but it is also about finding a way to connect with them and enjoy them for everything they teach us. Children need to realize how appreciating and connecting with differences is not something bad.

Space to explore the mind

This can only be achieved by talking. Children need to explore their minds and feel cared for. It is necessary to listen to the children whenever they speak. Teach your children to talk to you, to talk to others, to feel their emotions, to feel what others feel. Teach them empathy, teach them resilience too.

They are important, just like everyone else

We want our children to know how amazing they are and how important they are for us, but we don’t want them to be narcissistic or too self-centered. Arrogance is the worst enemy of connection with others, that’s why we must nurture the hearts of our children with human warmth, that they are able to connect and be seen by others, that they are strong and that they feel kindness for themselves and also for others.