Sometimes, when writing, we can feel that we are confused by some word. This is something more common than you imagine, but what matters is paying attention to those words that cost us something more and thus, not making the same mistakes over and over again. If you often get confused and you don’t always know whether to write “royo” or “rollo”, we are going to remove this doubt from your mind forever.

You may think that it is only spelled one way, but in reality, both ways are correct even though they mean completely different things, and for this reason, it is a good idea for you to know more about these words so that you will never be confused again when you have to write them. The 25 best foods rich in calcium and how to make them effective.

Rollo or Royo?

Both words are homophones (they sound the same but are spelled differently). Next we are going to see the differences between the two so that you can recognize and identify them without problem.


Rollo is a masculine noun that means more than one thing, so you have to know what it means depending on the context of the sentence. The most frequent meanings are:

  • A cylinder of some type of normally hard matter.
  • Cylindrical shaped object.
  • Portion of fabric or other material that is rolled up in a cylindrical shape.
  • Coiled film used in photography and cinematography.
  • Ancient book consisting of papyrus or other rolled material.
  • Colloquial use when referring to a long and boring speech.
  • Colloquial use to refer to a thing or person that is heavy, boring or annoying.
  • Colloquial use to refer to a lie or invented story.
  • Colloquial use for a sexual affective relationship between two people in a temporary and short time.
  • Colloquial use to refer to the fold in the abdomen due to being overweight.

Examples with «roll»

  • The garden fence is built with logs of wood.
  • The cheese roll you made was finger lickin’ good.
  • The rolls of fabric have dropped in price in the store.
  • The roll of my camera has become blurred and all the ones I had taken have been erased.
  • An ancient scroll has been found in an excavation in Egypt, they are investigating what it says.
  • What a mess my father kicked me out for being late.
  • Even if it’s a bummer, you have to watch the movie to get the job done.
  • I had to explain something to the teacher so that he wouldn’t fail the exam.
  • What I had with Miguel was a summer vibe.
  • You’ve got a roll in your belly, maybe you should go on a diet.


Royo is a word that is a noun , but it can also be an adjective or a verb . Their meanings are as follows:

  • Small and common fungus where a parasite lives that can cause dangerous diseases.
  • Disease of some trees where the trunk turns to a blackish red powder in the center.

In the case of being an adjective, it has regional use. For example:

  • In Aragon it means blond.
  • In León and Zamora it is used to refer to the fact that the fruit is not ripe or that the food has been cooked badly while it was being cooked.
  • It can also be used as the first person of the verb roer, which can be: roo, roigo or royo and all are correct.

Examples with «royo»


  • Be careful those plants are full of royos.
  • The pine in my garden had a rust inside.


  • Your care is the royo, in blue pants.
  • I don’t like red kiwis.


  • No matter what I gnaw, I can’t eat it.

Remember that both words are correct but they do not mean the same thing, so it is important that you take into account the context to know which of the two words to use.