Huelva is a perfect destination to enjoy a family vacation. In addition to its beautiful beaches, it has natural landscapes of impressive beauty such as the Paraje de las Marismas del Odiel, the Gruta de las Maravillas and the Doñana National Park. It also offers many opportunities to enjoy very cool activities with children, you can take a train ride through the Rio Tinto Mining Park with Martian dyes, climb La Pinta at the Muelle de las Carabelas in La Rábida or cross the border between Spain and Portugal on a zip line.

This beautiful province also has many hotels to stay. However, if you don’t want to get unpleasant surprises at the last minute, the ideal is that you choose an accommodation adapted to the family that has spaces for the little ones to have fun while you rest in the facilities. In the Children’s Stage we offer you some of the best hotels in Huelva adapted for children.

The 7 best hotels to go with children in Huelva

1. Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort

This hotel complex located just 200 meters from a virgin beach in Punta Umbría, is a perfect destination to stay with the little ones at home during the holidays. In fact, it has different family rooms designed to keep the little ones close at hand, while also having different spaces designed for children to have fun: there is a swimming pool with a children’s area and a games room with board games and video games.

However, one of the programs that children will like the most is “Happy Minds”, a space for children between 4 and 12 years old inspired by the theory of multiple intelligences in which they can participate in educational workshops, become scientists, musicians or magicians for a day or enjoy different adventures with the mascot Barcy. In addition, it has a children’s club where many games, shows and sports activities are organized by professional entertainers, while there is a space where children can learn to cook with Mr. Cook or girls become real princesses.

2. Playacanela Hotel

Surrounded by the marsh on one side and a white sand beach on the other, this hotel stands very close to the Isla Canela Marina. Around its facilities you can enjoy a relaxing swim in the sea or practice water sports in the port. And if you prefer activities on solid ground, in Playacanela they also organize horseback riding excursions in the middle of nature.

However, if you do not want to leave the facilities, Playacanela also has various facilities designed for children’s entertainment: there is a sports area, a recreational games area and it has a themed pool with slides and Jacuzzi, as well as a heated indoor pool. In addition, it has a mini club, the “Delficlub/Diverland”, a space where children can participate in workshops, enjoy their favorite movie or have fun in the children’s shows that are scheduled every week. And up to two children can stay for free!

3. Barcelo Isla Canela

This traditional Andalusian-style hotel is a perfect destination to enjoy a getaway with the little ones in Huelva. Located on the front line of an extensive beach of golden sand on the Costa de la Luz, it is a perfect enclave to enjoy a swim in the sea or reach the exotic Portuguese Algarve. However, the hotel also has spaces for the little ones to have a blast while you relax in the facilities, it has a swimming pool area, a tennis and paddle tennis court and an area with ping pong.

However, the space that children will surely like the most will be the “Happy Minds”, an environment created according to the theory of multiple intelligences in which they will be able to develop their skills and abilities in the plastic arts, investigate how solar energy works , play your favorite music or learn some magic tricks. In this space, many games, shows and sports activities are also organized by professional entertainers.

4. Ohtels Mazagon

If you are looking for family accommodation in Huelva, this apartment hotel located on the Andalusian coast is an ideal alternative. With the beach on one side and a pine forest on the other, you can just as easily take a dip in the sea with the children as you can take a walk in the middle of nature. However, if you prefer to stay at the hotel, Ohtels Mazagón has many family entertainment options, it has a tennis and paddle tennis court and a water park with pools, slides, rocks, a pirate ship and a pool island.

In addition, there is a mini club for the little ones where shows, craft workshops, participation games and recreational activities are organized every day so that boredom does not feel like home. And so that at nightfall, the children also have guaranteed fun, the hotel has a program in which they prepare themed shows and cooking shows for both the kids and their parents.

5. Playacartaya Aquapark & Spa Hotel

This family hotel is located in a natural area surrounded by pine forests where you can relax in direct contact with nature. In fact, it is an ideal destination to take walks in the fresh air or take a dip on the beach , which is accessed by boat through the marsh. However, if you want to stay in the facilities enjoying the Spa circuit, Playacartaya Aquapark & ​​Spa Hotel also has various entertainment for children: there is a children’s pool and a sports area with mini golf and ping pong.

The hotel also has a kids’ club run by a team of professional entertainers. This is the “Delficlub/Diverland”, a space where children can have a great time either by participating in one of the workshops that are organized every day, watching their favorite movie or entertaining themselves with children’s shows. And what’s more, up to two children can stay at the hotel for free!

6. Summer Hotel Islantilla

In the paradisiacal Islantilla, on the Costa de la Luz, stands this family hotel, ideal for enjoying a holiday with the little ones at home. Being on the beachfront, you can enjoy water sports run by local companies that organize guided outings, sailing courses, jet ski and kayak rentals and many other activities. Already in the facilities, the hotel has very cool rooms for all tastes, from rooms decorated with circus or marine motifs to rooms themed in space or in the jungle that children will love.

However, one of the biggest claims of this hotel is its multiple entertainment spaces for the little ones at home: it has several sports areas, a playground, a swimming pool and even a video room. It also has a Kids Club, a space where all kinds of activities are organised, from storytelling, children’s film sessions and live performances, to entertainment games, sports Olympics and costume parties. In addition, if you want to enjoy a day with your partner, the hotel also has a babysitting service.

7. Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel

Located on the beachfront of Islantilla, in a privileged setting on the Costa de la Luz, you will find this family hotel bathed in the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, from its facilities you can practice a water sport such as sailing or kitesurfing, although if you prefer quieter activities you can also take a dip on the beach or enjoy a relaxing canoe ride.

However, Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel also has many options for children’s entertainment: it has a paddle tennis court, a games room, an indoor recreation area and an outdoor play area with swings and slides. In addition, there is a mini club in which there is no room for boredom since all kinds of activities are organized every day, from craft workshops and educational games to outdoor sports competitions. And so that they can also have fun during the night, there is a mini-disco where they can dance to the rhythm of their favorite musical themes.