Hyper-bored children by hyper-busy parents… Childhood loneliness

It is more than likely that when you have gone to the doctor or to a place where there are many people waiting, you will see children with technology in their hands. Mothers who look at their mobile and children who also look at theirs. Babies looking for their mother’s gaze while breastfeeding but her mother’s gaze is glued to the screen. Children looking for their parents to play, but they are too busy looking at their mobile phone.

Bored kids not playing

Sounds sad right? But it is reality. Parents are hyper-busy all day and when they have some time, they spend more time looking at mobile screens. This makes children bored and they become hyper-bored children who don’t know what else to do to attract the attention of their parents and that they spend more real (and quality) time with them.

Currently, it seems that children are losing interest in playing with their peers, who have already Tired of getting their parents’ attention to play with them. Now they very often say that they are bored so that their parents can satisfy that “boredom” with screens. Today’s children hardly play like children, they have less patience, less tolerance for frustration and much more impulsive behaviors.

Busy parents, bored children

Children are growing up alone, in front of screens, as if technology were a virtual babysitter. Although this is not an issue that can be generalized, it is true that it is notable that in many families children spend a lot of time in front of the screens instead of spending that time playing, enhancing their imagination or having fun. quality time with their parents. Screens numb their minds and it’s something parents need to think about.

If a child is bored or has a tantrum, you can’t give them technology! No matter what age that you have To do so is to get rid of the responsibility that we have as parents to accompany and attend to the important emotional needs of our children in their childhood.

Your children need you

Your Children don’t need screens in their hands to be well, they need you. Young children are sensitive to the reactions of their parents and the interactions they have in the environment where they live. They look to their parents to learn from them and any gesture they make is significant. What will your 3 or 4 year old child learn if they always see you looking at your mobile or computer screen?

Children's loneliness epidemic

Your children need to connect with you in the deepest way. Don’t wait for your children to calm down on their own, you have to look them in the eye, hug them and leave your mobile completely away. If you don’t, you will be doing them irreparable emotional damage. Now you may not realize it, but over time you will have a child disconnected from the family and even from himself.

Disconnect to connect

In the society in which we live we want to connect with people but it seems that it is increasingly difficult… the more informed and connected we are, the more we disconnect from our environment. Technology makes it difficult for us and it is necessary to work on communication and the human approach for that to change.

If your children call you look them in the eye,When they want to play with you, put your mobile aside and simply: play. These are basic things that must be done every day so that there are no serious emotional and behavioral consequences in the future.

That your children do not feel alone

There is a great epidemic of childhood loneliness where children feel alone. Although it is true that parents must work and will be busy much of the day because they have to pay the bills, quality time with the family should also be promoted.

Create a space for daily connection with your children so that they realize that you are by their side whenever they need you. Although sometimes you also need to rest, show your children that if they need you, you will leave the phone parked. They are the most important thing for you. Don’t let your children feel alone or let a virtual babysitter take care of them.

It’s as easy as organizing your day and balance the time you have. If you cannot spend more time at home, when you are you must be present in the lives of your children. Because even if you are physically, it is useless if your mind is absent. Play with your children, read them a story, enjoy their conversations. Despite the fatigue, it is worth the effort because your children will grow up emotionally balanced.