I don't feel like playing with my son...

Motherhood is not easy at all and sometimes you may feel guilty for things that you shouldn’t. The feeling of guilt seems to accompany all mothers in many moments of parenting , but it is necessary to learn to be more relaxed so that parenting is more effective. Maybe you don’t always feel like playing with your child…

Maybe your child He wants to play with you all the time, and this is normal. And it’s also normal for you to be tired and not always want to be on the floor playing cars or building blocks. Don’t despair over this, because it’s normal.

Play and children

It’s true that playing with you is the best thing for your child to do during the day, and play is a fundamental aspect of child development… but this does not mean that you have to be permanently available for your children whenever they demand your attention to play with them. You’re not a bad mother if you don’t always feel like playing with your kids.

You’re not an all-terrain woman who can handle everything, and that doesn’t have to make you feel bad at all. The ideal is that you look for activities that you both like to enjoy time together, and that when you are busy or cannot attend to their games, tell them with love. You can tell her that mom can’t play right now, but she’ll do it later, some other time.

Don’t feel bad

Don’t feel bad. feel bad because you’re tired and you don’t feel like playing, you don’t have to always be willing to play with the best smile, or continuously stimulate him… Ideally, when you do, you do it with enthusiasm and when you don’t, don’t feel bad for that. It is important that you take care of yourself and that you are well so that you can take better care of your baby or young child.

mother play son

You must give yourself permission to not always feel like of playing with the children… being a mother does not mean being perfect and nullifying yourself for the benefit of others. While it is true that your children need you to grow and develop, you must also have time for yourself. You are a mother 24 hours a day, of course… But you are also a woman who must take care of herself to be well. You can’t always cover everything and that’s not bad or makes you a worse mother. Do not accumulate tension that can end up unloading on those who least deserve it, like your children.

Keys to follow

There are some keys that you have to follow to not feel bad if you don’t feel like playing and of course, know how to behave so that your children don’t feel bad… You don’t have to pay with them the tension you may have.

Don’t scold him

You shouldn’t get the child out of the way by saying things like: “Leave me for a while” or “I’ll play with you later” and then not keep the promise. It’s better to tell him clearly that you can’t right now and encourage him to play alone for a while and then do something fun together (and really do it).

Don’t yell at him

It’s not fair that if you feel frustrated about whatever it is, you take it out on your children and yell at them. They need you to be well, calm, even if you don’t feel like playing with them right now .

Your children will demand your attention constantly and that doesn’t have to make you angry at all, even when they get annoying. It would be like scolding them because they are hungry or sleepy, it makes no sense! Receiving attention and your affection is a vital need for them and it is normal for them to ask you for it, so never make a comment like : “you are very heavy”.

Don’t ignore him

Even if you can’t attend to him, let him know that you have found out what he is asking for so that he feels heard and understood all the time. If you ignore him, he can feel emotional abandonment and that will be a wound too deep in his heart. In fact, ignoring him can be much more painful than simply telling him you’ll play with him later. Ignoring him can lead to frustration and undermine his self-esteem forever.