Once upon a time there was a very poor shoemaker who lived with his wife. Although he worked very diligently and his shoes were of excellent quality, he did not earn enough to support his family. He ended up being so poor that he only had the money to buy the leather to make the last pair of shoes.

He carefully cut the leather and placed the pieces on his work table to sew them the next morning.

When morning came, instead of the leather he had left behind, the cobbler was surprised to find a beautiful pair of shoes. The shoes were so beautiful that a man stopped by the store and bought them for twice the price. The shoemaker went to tell his wife:

“With this money, I will buy the leather to make two pairs of shoes,” he said enthusiastically.

That night he cut the leather and again placed the pieces on his work table to sew them in the morning.

The next morning, he found two pairs of shiny, perfect shoes. These shoes sold for an even higher price.

Every night, the shoemaker left the cut leather on his work table, and every morning he found more pairs of shoes. Very soon, the little shop became famous and the shoemaker became a very rich man.

The shoemaker and his wife sat by the fire one night:

— What do you think if we hide to meet who has been helping us? said the cobbler.

The shoemaker and his wife hid. Around midnight, they saw two little goblins sneak into the shoe store. Quick and skillful, the pixies made a pair of shoes in an instant. It was winter and the little men dressed in ragged clothes shivered as they worked.

“Poor pixies, they must be very cold,” the wife whispered to her husband. I’ll make them two wool coats, so they’ll be warmer.

At the following midnight, next to the leather, the two pixies found two elegant red coats with gold buttons and immediately put them on. There was so much joy that they danced and sang:

“What beautiful coats!” We will never be cold again.

But when one of the little pixies said to the other:

-Lets keep working.

The other replied:

-Job? So that? With two coats like these we are already rich. We will never have to work again.

The two pixies went back the way they came and were never seen again.

The store continued to prosper, but the cobbler and his wife always remembered the good elves who had helped them through the hard times.